25 Kindle Tricks You’ll Actually Want To Try

25 kindle tricks you will actually want to try

1. Get Amazon.com Kindle Books from Non-US Countires

Amazon sets up online stores in different countries independently, and we can only register Kindle to one specific country (usually the country we live in). However, you can buy books from Amazon.com at first, then strip the DRM to make the book readable on any device, like a Kindle register to Amazon.uk.

2.Remove Ads (Special Offers) on Kindle for Free

Each generation of Kindle, you can get the version with special offers with $20 off, as return you will see advertisements on Kindle’s sleep screen.

In fact you can cancel them for free by talking with their customer service.

3. Jailbreak Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite 1/2

Although Kindle is already in 8th generation, there are still many people using the old version, especially Kindle touch and Kindle Paperwhite1/2. With these simple steps, you can easily jailbreak Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite 1/2 which runs firmware version from 5.0 –

4. Must-Have Plugins to Install After Jailbreaking Kindle

Most of us jailbreak Kindle to intall those hack plugins, like screensaver hacks, font hacks, KOreader, etc..  These plugins help us make the most of our Kindles.

5. Set Device Passcode for Kindle

set kindle passcode and remove it


Like smart phone and tablet, you can set device passcode to protect your Kindle. If you forget, you can also easily wipe it out. Notice, device passcode is different from parental password. If you forget parental password, you can reset it easily.

6. One Click Clean Useless sdr Folders in Kindle

The more you read, the more useless temporary file and folders exist in Kindle’s storage, with time goes by, they will take lots of space and make your Kindle run slowly. Here is a free tool to help easily clean all the useless sdr temporary folders.

7.  Downgrade Kindle’s Firmware Version

Why downgrade Kindle’s firmware version? Maybe you don’t like new version’s interface or new features, more people downgrade Kindle’s firmware version to jailbreak Kindle. With this guide you can downgrade from Kindle Touch to latest Kindle Oasis firmware version.

8. Jailbreak Kindle

From Paperwhite 2 to Kindle Oasis, we need to downgrade the firmware at first, then jailbreak them easily. What’s more, if you jailbreak your Kindle with this guide, the jailbreak will survice even if you update to the latest firmware version. However, those installed hacks will be gone, you need to intall them one more time.

9. Get High Resolution Cover Image of Any Amazon Kindle eBook

With this free tool, you can get ANY eBook’s cover image in high resolution (at least 1000px in height). But you need to make sure the book is sold in Amazon.com, AKA. Amazon USA, and it’s Kindle edition, not paper book or audio book.

10. Change Default Kindle Store Language

Sometimes we buy Kindle from other countires, like from Japan as it’s much more cheaper there. No matter where you buy a Kindle, you can always change its default store language to your native language.

11. Convert Manga/Comic Images to Kindle Book

Sometimes we download comic books from internet we get a zip of images, it’s not possible to read these images in Kindle like reading a comic book. In this case you need Kindle Comic Converter, it helps you convert bunch of images to a Kindle mobi book.

12. Send EPUB Books to Kindle by eMail without Converting to Mobi

Get an EPUB book but want to read it in Kindle? You can do it without download some conversion software to convert it to Mobi or AZW. Just send it to your Kindle by email.

13. Always Buy eBooks with Cheap Price and Save Money

Everyone wants to buy anything with lower price, this post provides two free services to help you buy an eBook with the lowest price.

14. Multiple Languages Kindle Dictionaries Download and Install Guide

An advantage of reading book on Kindle is that we can check a word’s definition in seconds because of the built-in dictionary. Maybe you don’t know that you can add customized dictionary for multiple languages. This helps us a lot if we are learning a foreign language by reading books.

15. Convert Kobo Books to Kindle

Kobo is only second to Kindle in the entire eBooks industry, sometimes you can find cheaper books in Kobo store than Amazon. What if you own a Kindle but get a book from Kobo store? You can convert the Kobo books to make them readable on Kindle.

16. Convert Kindle KFX books

KFX is a new eBook file extension name for Kindle’s enhanced typesettings books, but this is the most closed format of Kindle books. It can only be read by recent generations of Kindle and Kindle Fire. There is a simple trick if you don’t want KFX format: download AZW/AZW3 file directly from Amazon website.

17. Read Kindle books with Cloud Reader on browser

This is the age of web, we can almost do anything with web services, so does reading Kindle books. With Amazon’s Cloud Reader, you can read all your purchased Kindle books without installing any apps or softwares. You can also make notes and highlights on this web eBook reader.

18. Get Free Audio Books from Amazon Legally

Audio books are growing rapidly recent years, Amazon acquired Audible in 2008, now Audible is one of the largest audio books retailer in the world, which offers over 180,000 audio books.  With Audible’s free trial, you can get audio books for free in the trial month.

19. Read CBR Manga on Kindle Fire HDX

Compared to Kindle, Kindle Fire is much more suitable for reading comics and manga books. Fortunately, there are some great manga reading apps on Kindle Fire platform.

20. Display Book Cover in Kindle Fire HDX Carousel

By default, only books purchased from Kindle store will display the covers in the home screen’s carousel, the sideloaded books only shows the title on a default common cover image. By changing a high-resolution cover image, you can show cover of a sideloaded book on the Kindle Fire’s home carousel.

21. Convert AZW4 to a Perfect PDF

AZW4 is actually a PDF file, it’s just a shell out of a normal PDF file. But if you try to convert AZW4 to PDF, you’ll get terrible output result. By installing “Kindle Unpack” plugin on Calibre, you can extract the PDF from AZW4 file instead of converting it. It only costs seconds but gives you perfect output result.

22. Free Kindle DRM Removal

I don’t like DRM, it ties me with specific and very limited reading device and apps. If we want to read our bought book freely, removing DRM is the only solution. What’s more, everyone can remove Kindle book’s DRM easily without any costs.

23. Send Pocket Articles to Kindle


How to Send Pocket Articles to Kindle

Pocket is one of the most popular “read it later” service these years, I save several articles to Pocket every day, most of them are long articles. Kindle is the best device to read long articles, sending Pocket articles to Kindle is a brilliant idea and P2K makes it possible for every Kindle owners.

24. Change eBook Cover

How to Change eBook Cover for Kindle or other eBooks


Many books, especially classic books, have several version of cover image designs. We can change the cover image as we want and get better reading experience.

25. Transfer Kindle Highlights to Computer

Notes and highlights are our treasure after finishing reading books, we all won’t want to lose it. So back up notes and highlights to computer and even cloud drive is neccessary.

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