Multiple Languages Kindle Dictionaries Download and Install Guide

This post is about all the things I’ve got about Kindle dictionary. If you want to figure out how to add dictionary to Kindle, where to download Kindle dictionary files, this post is what you need.

Table of Contents

  1. Kindle’s built-in dictionaries
  2. WordNet Kindle dictionaries
  3. Other 3rd party Kindle dictionaries (collect from internet)
  4. How to install dictionaries to Kindle (the E-Ink models)
  5. How to add a second dictionary to a language

1. Kindle’s built-in dictionaries

By default a Kindle contains 11 dictionaries, covering almost all the major languages in the world. For instance, you are a US Kindle user, when you activate your Kindle the Eng-Eng dictionary is already contained. When you buy a French book, the Fr-Eng dictionary will be downloaded automatically.

So, you won’t able to see all these 11 dictionaries (maybe more) in your Kindle device, however, you can see them in your Kindle Cloud.

Manage Your Contents and Devices –> “Contents” –> “Show: Dictionaries&User Guides”

2. WordNet Kindle dictionaries

WordNet is a lexical database for the English language. It groups English words into sets of synonyms called synsets, provides short definitions and usage examples, and records a number of relations among these synonym sets or their members. — Source: WikiPedia

  1. WordNet 3 Easy English dictionary | Download (14MB);English
  2. WordNet 3 Infused ES English + SpanishDownload (19MB);Español
  3. WordNet 3 Infused TR English + TurkishDownload (17MB);Türkçe
  4. WordNet 3 Infused CN English + Chinese simplifiedDownload (18MB);简体字
  5. WordNet 3 Infused IT English + ItalianDownload (19MB);Italiano
  6. WordNet 3 Infused FR English + FrenchDownload (20MB);Français
  7. WordNet 3 Infused RU English + RussianDownload (21MB);Русский
  8. WordNet 3 Infused RO English + RomanianDownload (16MB);Română
  9. WordNet 3 Infused PT English + PortugueseDownload (19MB);Português
  10. WordNet 3 Infused CN English + Chinese traditionalDownload (18MB);繁體字
  11. WordNet 3 Infused LV English + LatvianDownload (17MB);Latviešu
  12. WordNet 3 Infused TH English + ThaiDownload (19MB);ภาษาไทย

WordNet official site:

3. Other 3rd party Kindle dictionaries (collect from internet)

Please note that some of these 3rd party Kindle dictionaries are hand-made by normal Kindle users, so the quality can’t be guaranteed, and some of them may be only for old Kindle models.

  1. Webster’s Dictionary 1913, Eng – Eng | Download (19MB);English
  2. Spanish to English dictionary by Dave Slusher and Mac Sturm | Download (4MB);Español
  3. Apertium project Afrikaans -> English | Download (0.4MB);Afrikaans
  4. Apertium project Esperanto -> English| Download (1.4MB);Esperanto
  5. Apertium project French -> English | Download (0.5MB);Français
  6. Apertium project German -> English | Download (16.2MB);Deutsche
  7. Apertium project Polish -> English | Download (0.7MB);Polskie
  8. Apertium project Portuguese -> English | Download (0.4MB);Português
  9. Apertium project Spanish -> English | Download (0.7MB);Español
  10. Apertium project Welsh -> English | Download (0.6MB);Cymraeg

4. How to install dictionaries to Kindle (the E-Ink models)

  1. Get Kindle dictionaries ready, they are mobi or prc files in general.
  2. Connect your Kindle to computer with USB cable.
  3. Copy and paste the dictionary file into “documents\dictionaries” folder.
  4. Safely eject Kindle from computer.
  5. Open your Kindle and follow the guide below.
  • Kindle Voyage / Kindle Paperwhite (1/2/3) / Kindle 7
    Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Device Options -> Language and Dictionaries -> Dictionaries
  • Kindle 3 (Kindle Keyboard)
    Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Change Primary Dictionary
  • Kindle 4 (five-way controller)
    Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Dictionaries
  • Kindle Touch
    Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Dictionaries
  • Kindle DXG
    Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Change Primary Dictionary

5. How to add a second dictionary to a language

The process is almost the same with the Part 4, when you reach the Dictionaries screen on your Kindle, tap on a language, if there are more than one dictionaries for this language, you shall see them all, then just choose the one you want to set as default dictionary for this language.

You can’t use two dictionaries for a language at the same time.

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