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Sometimes when we download a purchased eBook, we only get an ACSM file. Then we get totally confused, having no idea how to read the ACSM file. In fact, ACSM file is sort of “key”, it is always only 2-3 KB. All the eBooks protected by Adobe Adept DRM are coming from ACSM. If you want a complete PDF or EPUB book, you need to convert from the ACSM file.

Download Adobe Digital Editions

At first download the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) from Adobe Official site, or click the button below.

Download ADE (Win&Mac)

Then open Adobe Digital Editions and authorize it with your Adobe account.

  • If this is the first time you installed ADE, please press “Ctrl + Shift + U” (Mac users press “Command + Shift + U”) to authorize the program;
  • If you’ve installed ADE before and wanted to switch an account, please press “Ctrl + Shift + D”(Mac users press “Command + Shift + D”) to wipe out the formal authorization information and re-authorize with the correct Adobe account

authorize adobe digital editions

Add ACSM File into Adobe Digital Editions

Please do make sure the ACSM file is downloaded by your own account in online eBooks retailers, or you may fail to convert it to a complete EPUB or PDF book.

To take an example, I download an ACSM file from my Kobo library, as Kobo is adopting Adobe’s content server service (in other words, protected by Adobe DRM).

download acsm from kobo

Now directly drag the .ACSM into Adobe Digital Editions, if you authorized with correct account, you will see the complete book is being downloaded.

convert acsm to epub

Once the process is finished, the book will add into ADE’s library and open up itself.convert acsm to pdf

Where to Find the Downloaded EPUB/PDF File

When the book is displayed in ADE library, a complete EPUB or PDF file is also saved in computer. Both Windows and Mac computer users can find the content folder in the path “Documents\My Digital Editions“, you can also right click on the book cover and choose “Show File in Explorer (Finder for Mac)“.

Frequently Asked Questions


With this error code you always also see the “Unable to download, License Server Communication Problem” message, this means the .ACSM file is expired. For security or anti-piracy reason, every ACSM file need to be fulfilled in certain period after being generated. Therefore, if you meet such a problem, just re-download the ACSM file and convert it to EPUB or PDF immediately.


This error cannot be fixed by you, it means a problem happened when you download the complete book from Adobe Content Server. If this error happens, you can only contact the support of the book retailer and send them the acsm file to check the problem.


This is a common error, it occurs when you register Adobe Digital Editions with wrong account, which is not the owner (buyer) of this book.


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