Xiaomi Duokan E-Reader Pro Officially Released

Today, Xiaomi’s new e-reader, Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro, has officially launched on multiple platforms!

As Xiaomi’s second e-reader, the Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro has attracted a lot of attention before its release.

And what upgrades does it bring on top of the previous generation of Xiaomi’s e-reader? This is what we are most concerned about.

The larger screen

Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro uses a 7.8-inch E-ink screen, which is larger than its predecessor and has narrower bezels, except for the bottom bezel.

The resolution of the screen has been increased to 300 PPI, the previous generation of 6-inch screen is only 212 PPI.

300 PPI is now the highest resolution of all the e-readers, the clarity of the screen is absolutely excellent.

The height of the screen and the bezel is exactly the same, with the Home button, the overall visual effect is very good. It can also prevent dust from entering the gap between the screen and the bezel.

The corners of the body are rounded, and there is only one color to choose from, which is black, and I don’t know if there will be white or other new color schemes afterwards.

24 levels of reading lights

Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro has a new cool and warm light system with 24 levels of adjustment, soft light and even brightness, allowing us to read comfortably in all kinds of environment.

Built-in multiple ebook libraries

The new Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro has two built-in e-book stores, Dangdang and WeChat Reading, in addition to Xiaomi’s own Duokan e-book store.

Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro uses the Android 8.1 system, but from the official introduction, there is no mention of whether other Android APPs can be installed.

Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro does not have a built-in app store, and I don’t know yet if we can install Android app through developer mode like the first generation.

2GB RAM and 32GB memory

The memory of Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro is doubled compared to the generation!

With Android, the 2GB RAM ensures that the e-reader runs smoothly.

The 32GB storage memory ensures that the e-reader has enough space for storing books, whether they are comics, essays, PDFs or document files, etc., they can be stored without any problem.

In addition, the Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro has a variety of ways to import eBooks, including Baidu Cloud Drive, Duokan Cloud Drive, WLAN transfer, USB transfer, Bluetooth transfer, etc.

Ultra-long battery life, standby up to 70 days

Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro has a built-in high-capacity battery and supports fast charging technology, which can standby for up to 70 days when fully charged.

E-ink screen e-reader has always been known for its long standby time, but 70 days of standby time is also a very outstanding performance.

Support for voice input

In addition, in order to solve the problem of inconvenient text input on the E-ink screen, Xiaomi Duokan e-Reader Pro supports voice input function, which enhances the efficiency of text input by accurately converting voice to text.

Specs table

Size192.1 x 138.6 x 7.0mm
DisplayE-Ink 7.8-inch 300 PPI
Wireless ConnectionWiFi 2.4G + 5G
Bluetooth 5.0
Input Voltage5V 2A
Operating SystemAndroid 8.1

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