Kindle Cloud Reader – The Best eBook Reader on Web

In my eBook reading experience, I’ve seen some web-based eBooks reader. But few of them are running well in these years. Some are closed, like bookish; some are turning the business mode, like 24symbols.

But now, the game may be restarted again. Amazon has rebuilt their web-based reader, make it more powerful and friendly. The Amazon Cloud Reader.

Click the link above to navigate to the cloud reader, you will see the screen like this.

kindle cloud reader

“Cloud” tab contains all the books in your Kindle library. Double click on a book’s cover, the book will open and you can start to read it.

Look at the lower right corner of the reading screen, you can see a tiny “Downloading” process.

kindle cloud reader download book

Notice, this doesn’t mean the book is downloaded to your computer as an eBook file. This is only downloading to your web browser’s cache, then you can read the book even if you are offline. This is really a big advantage compared to other web-based eBook reader.

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.07.24_12h06m31s_005_Chrome Legacy Window

As web-based eBook reader, it provides an immersed reading experience which is beyond my expectation. Move mouse to the top or bottom of the screen, the control panel will show up in the top, and the reading location in the bottom.

From all aspects, Amazon Cloud Reader is the best web-based eBook reader among all the competitions. It also provides a Chrome extension, makes it easier to access.

The only flaw is, the Amazon Cloud Reader only supports the books bought from Amazon. For the personal documents send to library, we can’t read them in Amazon Cloud Reader.

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