How to Remove Ads on Kindle for Free

remove ads from kindleWe buy Kindle because it brings us the pure reading experience, we won’t be bothered by Facebook Messages, Instagram Notifications, etc..

When buying Kindle from Amazon, many people would choose the model which contains special offers information, which is slightly cheaper than another.

In fact we have at least 2 ways to remove those ads (special offers) from Kindle.

Method A: Pay the difference

  1. Open Amazon official website, go to “Manage Your Content” then “Devices”.
  2. Select the “Your Devices” tab.
  3. Click your device to display more information.
  4. Next to “Special Offers”, click “Edit”, and then follow the instructions to unsubscribe from Special Offers. You’ll see the amount of the one-time payment before you confirm.

Method B: Contact customer service

  1. Go to the Amazon’s Contact Us section.
  2. Click “Amazon Devices and Kindle Apps”, then click on your Kindle.
  3. In the “Tell us more about your issue” section, select ‘Kindle E-reader’ as issue, “Something else” as issue details.
  4. In the ‘Enter short summary of issue’ blank, input: “How can I unsubscribe from Special Offers?”
  5. Click “Chat” in the “How would you like to contact us?” section.
  6. You will be connected to an Amazon online customer service. So you just tell him/her what you want. They should take off the ads from your Kindle for free.
  7. If the customer service agrees to do this for you, and your Kindle is connected to network, you should see the ads are gone from your Kindle.


Update on 2016/11/29:

Today I saw a redditor managed to remove special offers for free with the method B.

Here is what they said.

This is how me and all my friends have done it. Contact Amazon support for your kindle by chat, and just say “Can you remove the ads for me?”
They’ll say it’s normally $20 but they’ll waive the charge.
This has worked for years, just did it for my new kindle yesterday.
Don’t pay the $20.

can confirm. just had ads removed. asked nicely. told it would be an exception. Great service.

I just did that yesterday after I read about it. I told them that I only see offers for the leather case that I already own (which was true) and asked if it was possible to change that. They removed the ads for me and didn’t even tell me that it would normally cost 20€.
A friend of mine simply asked how you could disable ads and they disabled them for him free of charge (but told him that it would be an “exception” and it would normally cost 20€).

I told them the offers don’t apply to where I live and they waved them for me for free. They said it was an exception, I think they always say that.

In case this thread gets edited or removed, I take some screenshots here.





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