7 Free Audio Clip Download Sites You Can’t Miss

With the popularity of short videos such as tiktok, everyone has a mobile phone and can start shooting at any time, so everyone can be a video creator in a certain sense. Compared to text content, video contains a richer level of information, which includes images, narration and background music to enhance the atmosphere.

In a world where copyright is becoming more and more important, it is not uncommon to see cases of infringement due to improper use of audio material.

While some mobile editing apps provide audio or soundtracks for free, the use of this audio is usually limited to the software manufacturer’s own app, but you may be at risk of copyright if you publish it to other platforms.

A more prudent approach is to use copyright-free audio clips. So, in today’s article, I’ve compiled a list of 10 copyright-free audio clip sites, and I hope you find some of them helpful.

Audio Library

Official Website: https://www.audiolibrary.com.co/

Audio Library, probably the largest free music platform, this site collects a lot of high quality music available to content creators.

Click on the More button in the upper left corner of the site, and the menu that opens allows you to find music sorted by genre, mood and artist.

To use copyright-free music downloaded from the Audio Library, you need to mark the source and author information, and the website on the download page also gives the style of marking the source of the music, and you can copy it by clicking the button in the lower right corner.

Copyright-free music downloaded from the Audio Library requires attribution of source and author information for use, and the website on the download page also gives the HTML code for direct quoting, which can be copied by clicking the button in the lower right corner.

If you want to use music from this site on other platforms, you must contact the author of the music to obtain permission.

Adobe Audition

Official Website: https://www.adobe.com/products/audition.html

Adobe Audition, is Adobe’s audio processing software, in order to facilitate the production of excellent audio works, Adobe provides a library of free audio materials, including 10000+ high quality audio and music materials.

This audio clip library does not support keyword search and online preview, but it will package the audio clips according to different categories separately.

According to Adobe’s End User License Agreement (EULA), you are free to use, modify, and distribute material provided by this repository when the audio clips you use do not constitute the primary value or core content of the final distributed product.

But to be honest, I still have some questions about this licensing method, and I haven’t found a more detailed description of it on the website. If any of you reading this have any knowledge in this area, please feel free to add in the comments section.

Free Music Archive

Official Website: https://freemusicarchive.org/

Free Music Archive, which offers a number of free audio clips based on the CC license (Creative Commons) for free download.

While the CC Protocol makes it possible to download the music of many creators free of charge, the use of this material is subject to the specific requirements of the different versions of the CC Protocol and the need to avoid behaviour that is restricted by the Protocol.

Free Music Archive is one of the few sites that describes the differences between the different versions of the CC protocols, and it’s helpful to know how to license not only audio material, but also other areas of the art, such as images or videos. To see the differences between the various protocols you can click on this link: https://www.freemusicarchive.org/License_Guide


Official Website: http://beta.ccmixter.org/

CCmixter, also a site that offers audio clips that follow the CC protocol, does not support searching for music using keywords and can only be narrowed down using tabs on the left side of the page such as music style, theme, and instruments played.

There are also other options for filtering audio material on the right side of the page, such as whether the audio is commercially available and the number of beats per minute (bpm), with the lower the bpm number, the slower the tempo of the song and the faster the tempo otherwise.


Official Website: https://www.bensound.com/

Bensound, a website that offers copyright-free music, has a navigation bar that divides the music into categories such as film music, pop music, electronic music, jazz and rock.

You can use the site’s music for videos (such as tubing, Vimeo, social media, etc.), websites, and animations posted on the web, just mark the source when using it, and the site gives examples of markup:

Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music
Music: « Song Title » from Bensound.com

If you want to use the music in software, games or online courses you develop yourself, marking the source of the music is also free to use without making a profit.


Official Website: https://icons8.com/music

FUGUE has a rich collection of music clips, categorized according to three dimensions: theme, style and mood of the music.

Under each dimension, the site provides more detailed categories, taking the music theme dimension as an example, which is divided into subcategories such as action, adventure, war, business, anime and vlog.

When selecting music material, you can pick the appropriate subcategory from each of the three dimensions, and combine them to improve the efficiency of the material search.

Of course, the more keywords you search for, the more accurate the search results will be, and at the same time, the less available music will be returned.

Therefore, when actually searching, you can be more flexible in the number of keywords you search for, using one or two keywords is fine.

Mixkit Music

Official Website: https://mixkit.co/free-stock-music/

I’ve previously described Mixkit’s video clip download site, which is beautifully designed, high quality, and free to download and commercial use.

Now Mixkit has also launched Mixkit Music, an audio clips site that is licensed in the same way as Mixkit, and is free to download and commercialize without attribution.


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