Ultimate Guide to Buy eBooks with Cheap Price and Save Money

luzme helps you buy the cheapest ebook

Do you know you may spend senseless extra money for the books you have bought? Do you want to buy eBooks with the lowest price for always? In this blog post I will introduce you a free service which helps you find the cheapest place to buy an eBook, you will never pay full-price for an eBook again.

1. Luzme – the best eBook price comparison service

Founded in 2013, Luzme is the top player among the eBook price comparison services. It is deadly simple to use.

Go to the homepage, you can see a search box in the top left corner, input the book title or author name then you get search results from Amazon/Kobo/Apple/Google/B&N/Smashwords, etc. In the results table, you can also see the price of each source and the historical price chat.

What’s more, you even needn’t to register to benefit from this feature.

And if you register an account, you can build a watch list, or you can call it wishlist, once there is a lower price, you get an alert email.

Already have a wishlist on Goodreads or Amazon? Guess what, you can just immigrate the list to Luzme with simple settings.

  • Let me make a summary of all the benefits you can get from Luzme.
  • Always find the current cheapest place to buy an eBook.
  • Get an eBook’s price drop notification.
  • Check the historical lowest price for an eBook.

2. Cross-platform reading an eBook

Here comes an important problem.

I am a Kobo user, but the cheapest place to buy the book is Amazon, in this case, Luzme makes no sense to me.

In fact, it’s not a problem, because we have tricks to help you read Amazon Kindle books on any eBook reader. The same tricks are also working for Kobo books.

Please disable your adblocker or whitelist this site! I need the money to feed my kids. Please!

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