Who We Are

This site is owned and operated by Tang Siquan, who is a General Editor, eBook&eReader addict. I have contributed contents about eBooks and eReaders tips and tricks for 5 years for several websites and blogs. However, some contents I want to write are not suitable to publish on those sites, so I started this blog.

In fact I built this blog since February 2014, after about 10 posts, I was engaged with other projects, so I temporarily stopped this blog until January 2015, then I re-started this blog .

What We Cover

Now I can keep 2-3 posts per week, mainly covers tips and tricks guide posts about eBooks and eReaders. I rarely report the news as there are some blogs in this area doing great job about delivering everything fresh happened in this market.

And in my plan, I will review softwares and apps related to eBooks, also provide some benefits to my readers like coupon codes, limit-free eBooks/apps, etc..


Please disable your adblocker or whitelist this site! I need the money to feed my kids. Please!

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