Read CBR Manga on Kindle Fire HDX

read manga book on kindle fire

Many young people likes reading Mange, including me. I’ve read Manga on my Kindle Paperwhite for years, until months ago I got my Kindle Fire HDX. I can tell you honestly, Kinde Fire HDX or other tablet computer is way more better for reading Manga then E-Ink eReader like Kindle Paperwhite.

When reading Manga on Kindle Paperwhite, I would download the Manga in PDF format, or make a PDF file from bunch of images myself.

But there is a specific file format for Manga, the CBR (or CBZ) . It’s not supported by Kindle Paperwhite, but can be opened by some apps on Kindle Fire HDX. This post will introduce how to read DBR Manga on Kindle Fire HDX.

Where to Download CBR Manga

I often download Manga books from these two sites, most of the Manga are providing as .CBR or .CBZ format.

If you have other good resources, welcome to share with me by leaving a comment, or via contact me page.

App to Open CBR/CBZ on Kindle Fire HDX

There are bunch of apps to read CBR in Amazon Appstore, some are paid while some are free.

I recommend you start with the lower price apps, which can guarantee the quality. I  tried many free apps, they crashes all the time or makes me uncomfortable when reading comics.

In those low price CBR Reader apps, I prefer this one: Comicat ($2.99)

Click the icon left side to download.

If fail, you can go to the Amazon Appstore page with this text link.

It supports almost all the known file formats for Manga books, and provide nice user experience when reading Mange. For details you can go to the app page by links above.

How to Use Comicat to Read CBR Manga

At first, please make sure you have CBR files downloaded, and Comicat installed.

1. Transfer the CBR file to Kindle Fire HDX by USB cable. I put the file in “Download” folder of Kindle Fire HDX.

 You can put the Manga file in any folder you like, just make sure it’s in Kindle Fire HDX. And if the Manga you downloaded is saved as .rar extension name, don’t worry, Comicat can also read it.

2. Open Comicat, it will scan all the Manga books in your Kindle Fire HDX automatically. By default settings, all CBR, PDF, RAR files will be imported.

If Comicat doesn’t run an auto-scan, you can click “Refresh” icon on the screen.

refresh comicat

3. Manga books will display on the bookshelf, click it you can begin to enjoy the Manga!

read manga on kindle fire hdx

Above is the screenshot, the reading experience is pretty good, there is no noise which would affect us.

This app provides many gesture operations, the more you use it, the more you feel the $2.99 worth every penny.



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