How to Get Free Audio Books from Amazon Legally

free audio books

More and more people begin to listen to Audio books instead of reading eBooks or paper books.

As the King of eBook market, Amazon also has the richest audio books, and provide them by the Audible service.

In general, Audio book is more expensive than normal eBook. Today, I’m gonna introduce you a trick to get 2 audio books from Amazon Audible for free.

Start the Free Trial of Audible

Now Amazon is holding a marketing campaign for Audible, which allows you get 2 audio books for free from Audible.

Try Audible and Get 2 Audio Books for Free

Click the button above you can start the free trial with $0.00.

Audible provides you 180,000+ books, way more than other competitors. In addition, Amazon offers the “Great Listen Guarantee” service, which means you can exchange the book you didn’t like. In this way, you needn’t to worry about any waste.

How to Cancel the Audible Free Trial


Look at the price tab above. I randomly click a best seller from The Audible edition is almost 2 times of the paperback.

With this free trial, we save $40 on average. So why don’t take it?

If you don’t want to subscribe to Audible, please follow the steps below to easily cancel the free trial. You won’t take any risk.

  1. Sign in with your Audible account
  2. Click the “Hi, {Your Name}!” on the top center of the page
  3. Choose “Account Details” from  the drop-down menu
  4. Find the “Account Settings” tab and click “Cancel my membership”

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