One Click Clean Useless sdr Folders in Kindle

What is the sdr folder in Kindle?

Many Kindle users have noticed the sdr folders in Kindle’s storage, and it always has the same name as a book we synced or sideloaded. All the files in the sdr folder save the relative information of the specific book, this mechanism makes re-reading a book a better experience.

For example, when you finish a book and delete it from your Kindle, the eBook file is gone but the sdr folder stays. Next time when you sync the book from cloud library again, all the notes, highlighs, reading process are still there, like the book is always there.

In fact, all the information are also saved in Amazon cloud, which means, even if the sdr folder is deleted, you can also get all the reading history back.

In my point of view, they are redundant.

How to clean the sdr folder in Kindle

The more books we read in Kindle, the more sdr folders remain there.  With time goes by, they will take more and more space of Kindle. By deleting sdr folders, we can save storage space of Kindle.

To clean them is deadly simple, just delete those folder.

But here comes the problem: for the books we are still reading or not want to delete from Kindle, those relative sdr folder are useful.

If we have 300 sdr folders in Kindle, and 20 of them are relative with the books we are reading, it would be a pain to pick out 20 specific folders out of 300.

In this post I am going to introduce you a free tool: sdr-Cleaner. It helps you one click cleaning all the useless sdr folders, only the sdr folders which don’t have relative books in Kindle will be deleted. So you don’t need to worry about the accidental deletion.

Download the free tool: sdr-Cleaner

I’ve uploaded the tool to Mediafire, click the buttons below to download.

sdr-Cleaner: Windows  sdr-Cleaner: Mac

Notice: this tool is totally free to use, it’s not created by me, I just collect them from internet. In my pratical use, there is no virus or spam hide in this tool. However, you shall take responsibility for your own computer.

sdr-Cleaner user guide

  1. Connect Kindle to computer with USB cable.
  2. Run sdr-Cleaner, it will detect and choose the Kindle storage drive automatically. If not, you can manually choose the correct drive.
  3. Click “Clean Now” button, that’s all.

As this tool is developed by some guy in China (I guess), the interface language is simplified Chinese and can’t be changed.

So I will translate the interfce with images below.

clean kindle's sdr folders

When the tools finishes the cleaning process, you will see the result message as below.

how to delete kindle sdr folders

I’ve read 16 books on my new Kindle Oasis, 5 of them are remaining in my Kindle, the left 11 are deleted, so the result is exactly correct.

If you have any problem in using this tool, welcome to leave a comment.

And please share this post on your social networks if it brings anything useful to you, I apprecate that.



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