Calibre DRM Removal Plugins – Download and How to Use

Every hardcore eBooks fans must know the software Calibre. Basically it’s a library manager and file converter, with hundreds of plugins it becomes even more powerful and omnipotent.

Among all the plugins, the Alf’s DRM Removal plugins are very important and useful, as it’s the only free and easy way to remove DRM. Besides the DRM Removal plugins, you have to run the scripts (which requires coding skills) or pay for some sharewares.

By removing DRM, you truly own the eBook you bought. Or the books are sort of “rented” from those online retailers as they can easily wipe them from their cloud servers and then you are no longer own the book. Yes you are still having the file on your computer, but if there is no such a book on server, you won’t be able to pass the DRM validation and fail to open this book for reading.

Therefore, I’m not advocating for piracy here when I say we need to remove DRM. It’s just for safe back up. You also do not remove DRM from eBooks for piracy purpose.

OK let’s go. I am going to compile a step-by-step guide in this post, everyone can easily use Calibre DeDRM plugin by reading the following parts.

Install Calibre

Download Calibre here for free here:, Calibre covers all the desktop operating system.

download calibre

Download Calibre DeDRM Plugin

As this plugin is for removing DRM, we cannot find it in Calibre’s official plugins list.

I’ve uploaded the latest version plugin into Dropbox, you can download here:

Download DeDRM Plugin

Install the DRM Removal Plugin on Calibre

Look at the top navigation bar in Calibre, find “Preferences”, click it, then choose “Plugins”.

calibre install plugin

Click “Load plugin from file”, then choose the zip file you downloaded from the dropbox link above.

load calibre plugin from file

The program will notify you there is a security risk. Never mind, it’s totally safe to install this plugin. All the plugins out of official list will activate the risk notification dialog. Just click “Yes”.

risk notation

If everything goes well, you will see the plugin displayed in the installed plugins list.

install dedrm calibre plugin

You won’t see the plugin shows up in the main interface, but when you load in DRM protected eBooks, the plugin starts working automatically.

Having trouble in using this plugin? You can read the FAQ post on the plugin author’s blog

 Tips of Using Calibre DeDRM Plugin to Remove DRM

Remove Adobe Adept DRM

You need to sync the contents to computer via Adobe Digital Editions, then load the books into Calibre from Adobe Digital Editions’ content folder.

Remove Kindle DRM

If you have an E-Ink Kindle: Directly load the books from E-Ink Kindle, it will ask you for Kindle Serial Number, input the digits to remove DRM.

Install Kindle for PC/Mac: Login your Amazon account and sync the books to computer, then load the books into Calibre, no need to input any digits.

Remove Nook DRM

As far as I know, B&N has changed the DRM encryption recently (Jan. 2015) and currently the Nook DRM is not able to be removed.

Remove Apple iBooks DRM

Apple iBooks Fairplay DRM is not supported by Calibre, nor any other tools.

The paid software which guarantees a positive result

If you have trouble in installing the Calibre plugin and tired of searching for solution on the internet, you can try this paid software. Their customer support staff will help you convert AZW4 books to PDF for sure, or they will refund your money.

A one-year license is about $20.

If want more information, please visit their official website.

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  • Trick ster

    Grrr, iBooks / Apple epub DRM can’t be removed. Anybody who bought a book from the apple store and now is running into trouble, should consider to not buy any further ebooks from apple.

    • Admin

      Yes, if want to read purchased books on any app/reader, Kindle and Kobo would be better choice than Apple.

  • Irene

    can I remove DRM from the book that I rented from Amazon Kindle?

    • Admin

      If it’s a book rented from Amazon prime, there is a chance to decrypt it. But if you rented from your friend’s library, I don’t think it will work. However you can have a try, it’s a free plugin after all.

  • nicole

    When I try to add the DeDRM plug-in into Calibre it says that “it does not contain a file”.

    • Admin

      Maybe the plugin is damaged, please try to download it again.

    • Pris. M

      You have to go into the file and upload the plugin itself, not the entire zipped folder

  • Niktnaprawde Nobodyreally

    I cannot remove DRM from eInk Kindle dictionaries with calibre plug-in. Do I something wrong? Or it just doesn’t work?

    • Admin

      If you can remove DRM from other books on the same Kindle, then you should be able to remove DRM from the dictionary. In my experience, it takes much longer than a normal Kindle book. If it doesn’t report any error, please wait with patience.

  • CT Thomas

    Thank you so much because it worked great for me on my Mac. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

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  • this doesnt seem to be working on azw4 files

    • Admin

      You can go to Calibre’s support forum and ask for help.

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  • Pris. M

    There is no option to load plugin from file. What now?

    • Admin

      Your Calibre version?

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