How to Get Kindle Books from Non-US Countires

how to get free books from us storeEveryday we can see tons of free Kindle books information on the internet (my blog also offers 100+ free Kindle books per day), from social networks to community forums. In majority of these information, most of free Kindle books should be get from, which means, US Amazon.

Amazon doesn’t allow UK Amazon account place order on US Amazon, to get those free Kindle books, we need to register an account on US Amazon.

  • First step: Register a US Amazon store account. (Here is a guide telling you how to do this even without credit card)
  • Second step: Buy those free Kindle books with your US Amazon store account.
  • Third step: Download Kindle for PC reading app, register with your US Amazon store account. When you login Kindle for PC, don’t choose “default store”, instead, choose “”.
  • Forth step: Strip those Kindle books’ DRM. If you have a Kindle, you can just copy the DRM-free books to your Kindle and enjoy them now.
  • Fifth step: If you are not a Kindle user, you can convert Kindle books to EPUB, which is supported by almost all eBook Readers and apps.

With these five easy steps, no matter you live in US or not, no matter your own a Kindle or not, you can enjoy the large amount of free Kindle books in US Store.

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