How to Convert Kobo Books to Kindle

convert kobo to kindle5 years ago, I never imagined that Kobo would be one of the top player in eBooks and eReaders market. But Kobo made it.

According to a market survey I read months ago, Kobo takes the 3rd large market share while 1st is Amazon and 2nd is Apple. To my surprise, Nook and Sony fails in eBooks and eReaders business. Sony completely quit the game (they only make large screen eReader for professional use now), and Nook is on the edge of cliff.

Apple makes a totally closed ecosystem, if we buy books in Apple iBooks store, we can only read them with iBooks app, what a shame, Android users and Windows users can’t have an iBooks app.

Naturally, Kobo becomes the only alternative for Amazon Kindle.

If you are a Kindle user and bought some books in Kobo store, how can you convert the Kobo books to Kindle? This is the problem this post is going to solve.

Some facts you should know

Kobo adopts Adobe Adept DRM, and adds an encryption shell on their book, that’s the so-called “KEPUB” books.

You can download .acsm file from Kobo website’s library page, convert them to EPUB then remove the DRM and convert. Read these posts for related information: acsm to EPUB, convert EPUB to Kindle.

If your Kobo books are downloaded from Kobo desktop reading app, or Kobo eReader (like Kobo Touch, Kobo Glo, Kobo Aura), these books are saves as KEPUB books. This post is mainly about how to convert KEPUB books.

Tools which can convert Kobo KEPUB books

Obok plugin – Free plugin, but can’t work with Kobo 3.19 DRM, so I’m not gonna introduce it in details, you can Google it for more information.

Ultimate Converter – The only solution I can find to handle Kobo KEPUB books with latest DRM protection. The following part is based on this software.

How to convert Kobo KEPUB books to Kindle with Epubor Ultimate Converter

  1. Install Epubor Ultimate Converter
  2. Get your Kobo books ready. If you use Kobo desktop reading app, sync the books to your computer. If the books are in your Kobo eReader, please connect the Kobo eReader to computer with USB.
  3. Open Ultimate Converter, you shall see your Kobo books in the right side panel.
  4. Drag the Kobo books into the conversion window. (The main part)
  5. The books will be decrypted automatically, now choose “Mobi” as output format, and click “Convert”

Now you have Mobi books converted from Kobo, and Kindle supports Mobi format, the left job is easy: transfer the Mobi books to your Kindle with USB cable.

And you should notice that Epubor Ultimate Converter is a shareware, you need to order a license if want to use it for long time without limitation. Here is the order page.

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