How to Set Password for Kindle and How to Cancel It

how to set kindle device passcode and how to cancel itDon’t want your parents, children, lovers check your Kindle? No problem! You just need to set a “Device Password” for your Kindle.

So how to set the device password for Kindle? How to cancel it? What if we forget the password? What’s the difference between device password and parental password?

In this post I will anwer all these questions.

How to set device password for Kindle

Go to the home screen of your Kindle, click “Menu” –> “Settings” –> “Device Options” –> “Device Passcode”, in the pop out window we need to input the password twice and tap “OK”.

If the device password is set,  you will need to input the password to unlock Kindle.

 Tips: You can write a hint of the password on a small note and put it in your Kindle’s protective case, or stick it on anywhere you like. In case you forget the password.

How to cancel Kindle’s device password

To cancel a Kindle’s password is simple. Go to the home screen of your Kindle, click “Menu” –> “Settings” –> “Device Options” –> “Device Passcode” –> “Turn Off Passcode”, in the pop out window you need to input the correct password to make it done.

What can I do if I forget my Kindle’s password?

If you forget your Kindle’s password, you can call Amazon’s customer service number, however, this job is not included in their services list, I’ve heard many cases that the customer service staff refused to unlock Kindle for them.

Here is an alternative solution, please notice, this solution will wipe all information and contents in your Kindle and return your Kindle to facotry default settings.

Input “111222777” (without quote marks) in the password filed and tap OK, Kindle will return to factory default and reboot. Then the password is gone, you need to set everyting up from zero.

What is the difference between “Device Passcode” and “Parental Controls password”

  • “Device Passcode” is the screen unlock password, you must input it correctly when unlocking a Kindle from screensaver.
  • “Parental Controls password” stops you from Web Browser, Kindle Store and Cloud. In other words, without knowing “Parental Controls password” you can still use a Kindle and read the books already in the device, but you are not able to buy any new Kindle books to the device.

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