How to Use Kindle Comic Converter

Amazon Kindle is a perfect device to read comics and manga books, for its long duration battery, black and white screen, and the appropriate screen size.

But most of comics/manga books are coming as image files like PNG/JPG, or the customized comics/manga format CBR/CBZ.

If we want to read comics/manga books on Kindle, we need to convert the images or CBR/CBZ file to Mobi, which is the acceptable format of Kindle.

How to Build a Manga book for Kindle

Kindle Comic Converter is a free software to help us do this: converting PNG, JPG, GIF, CBZ, CBR and CB7 files into EPUB or MOBI format e-books.

kindle comic converter

Here is the user guide about using Kindle Comic Converter. No matter you are using PC, Mac, Linux, the steps are the same.

  1. Download Kindle Comic Converter, install it.
  2. Download KindleGen, extract the files, and copy the kindlegen.exe to Kindle Comic Converter’s directory.
  3. If the source is images, click “Add Directory” and choose the folder where saves the images; if the source is a CBZ, CBR, CB7 file, please click “Add File”.
  4. Choose your Kindle model, choose output format as “Mobi/AZW3”.
  5. Click “Convert”, the output file would save at the same path of the images directory.

Here is how the converted book looks like on my Kindle.

how to use kindle comic converter

Explanations of the settings

Manga mode

Change the order of the pages, generally, we are reading books from left to right, but Janapese read books, especially manga books, from right to left.

If you check this option, the output manga book will be read from right to left.

Webtoon mode

Webtoon is popular in Korea, it is often narrow and long. So if you want to read a webtoon book on Kindle, you’d better check this option, then the webtoon will be split to suit Kindle screen size.

W/B margins

  • Unchecked: Automatically detect the margins and fill in the corresponding color
  • Partly-checked: The margins will be filled with white color
  • Checked: The margins will be filled with black color

Spread splitter

  • Unchecked: Smartly split double-page manga to two separate pages
  • Partly-checked: Turn the double-page manga at first, then split to two separate pages
  • Checked: Just turn the double-page manga


This option is mainly for the manga book which has a smaller resolution than the Kindle screen

  • Unchecked: Keep the original resolution
  • Partly-checked:  Stretch to fill the entire screen and unlock the wide/height aspect ratio
  • Checked: Stretch the images while keeping the wide/height aspect ratio

Output split

When you have several folders of a manga book, like Chapter_One, Chapter_Two. Then you will have two output manga books which are and

Panel View 4/2/HQ

To be honest, I haven’t figured out the use of this option…

Custom gama

In short, you can think of this option as custom brightness and contrasts.

Color mode

It won’t turn the images to grayscale.

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