iBooks DRM Removal – How to Remove iBooks DRM in 2017 (not Requiem)

ibooks drm removalI never thought I can remove Apple iBooks Fairplay DRM again after Requiem stopped updating. That was as least 3 years ago, an open-source tool called Requiem announced it supported iBooks DRM removing. But it didn’t last long, Apple immediately enhanced their encryption method, and Requiem project came to the end later.

So when another iBooks DRM removing software putting on my desk, I thought it’s just bragging. Maybe it takes screenshots of every page of an iBook and combines them into a book, to be honest, that’s really stupid. (In fact, there are software doing this kind of job.)

However, my friend told me it really works, so I decided to give it a try.

To my surprise, the answer is positive, it indeed works! It removes DRM from all my purchased iBook, converted them to DRM-free EPUB books, I can convert them to Mobi with Calibre!

Below is the detailed process and using guide.

The premise

You need a Mac computer, or at least you can run Mac OS in virtue machine on PC. Because iBooks desktop reading app is only available for Mac, and the DRM removing program needs you launch the iBooks desktop app before stripping DRM.

Remove iBooks DRM in clicks

Step 1. Make sure you’ve downloaded your purchased iBooks to computer and you can read them with iBooks desktop app.

Step 2. Download and install iBooks Copy for Mac, launch it. It will open iBooks automatically and then minimize it to the dock. Don’t quit iBooks in the entire process.

ibooks drm removal

Step 3. Click “Add Files”, then choose the books you want to decrypt. You can choose multiple books at the same time.

load ibooks from itunes

Step 4. Click “Convert” button in the right bottom corner, then you can see the progress of each book.

removing ibooks drm

Step 5. At last, click on any book which is already converted, and click the magnifying glass icon, the output folder will be opened.

finish removing ibooks drm

Now let’s check if these books are DRM-free. It turns out I can load them into Calibre and read them. They are just normal DRM-free EPUB books. Which means we can read it on any app/device supports EPUB, and we can convert the format as we want.

load ibooks into calibre

reading ibooks in calibre

Some facts

  • As far as I know, this is the only solution to make iBooks DRM-free at the moment.
  • When talking with the developer, he said, in fact, this software is copying iBooks, not crack the DRM protection like Requiem did. However, he didn’t disclose many technical details to me, so I am still confused about how it works.
  • The developer guarantees this software will work even iBooks or iTunes gets version update unless it’s a major update. And the software will always keep pace with the updates.
  • This software supports both .epub and .ibook file extension.
  • The converted DRM-free EPUB books can be converted to Mobi, AZW3, PDF with Calibre easily.
  • It’s working with macOS Sierra, and previous system versions.
  • It’s a paid software, the selling price is $29.95.
  • I‘ve gotten exclusive 20% off discount for this software, click here to get 20% off buying this software

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