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The easiest way to publish an eBook is by use of Jutoh. The only thing you have to do is browsing word document in your project, and all will be fine. You can also create an eBook from the beginning with all its tools and then start writing directly. However, the recommended method is to write in the Microsoft Word and then import it to Jutoh. Jutoh isn’t a subscription software, and there is no cost in extra. Whenever you purchase it once, you will be able to publish unlimited eBooks.

Jutoh has two versions namely: Jutoh edition and Jutoh Plus. Jutoh Plus is more expensive and enhanced than the Jutoh edition. The best time to buy the Plus version is when you need scripting or the HTML templates.

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Features List

With Jutoh you can benefit from these features:

  • Formatting
  • Multiple format export
  • Epub 3 export
  • PDF creation via ODT
  • Speech audio file creation
  • HTML, text, DOCX, ODT, and Epub import
  • Image support
  • Table and text box support
  • SVG and MathML support
  • Fixed layout page editor
  • Quick preview facility
  • ‘Configurations’ allow extensive customization
  • Cover designer
  • Table of Contents Wizard
  • Alphabetical Indexes
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • Bibliography support
  • Cross-references
  • Narration synchronization
  • Form controls
  • Auto-replace
  • Built-in Epub error checker and debug window
  • Configurable ebook launching
  • Spelling checker
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for high-speed editing
  • Fast searchable help
  • Scraps facility
  • Desktop
  • USB memory key support
  • Backup Facility
  • Search
  • Customization

Jutoh works well with all the Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Mac and FreeBSD that requires only a license and try the Google Chrome notebooks. If you are using Rasberry Pi 2, you are lucky because Jutoh 2 will be free.

Create eBook with Jutoh

If you have trouble creating eBook, below is a simple way to create.

1. Install Jutoh, open it and then click on the new project. You will blank spaces to fill your eBook name and other requirements.


2. On the second screen, you will see an option for choosing the eBook format and the location of the project which you want to produce the book. If you are planning to post the book on different platforms, you should choose in all formats.


3. Select the eBook layout, and then import options. You can choose the size of the eBook by either a fixed size or a standard size for biography or novel. With the import option, you can import images and resize the images that you have imported. There will be more options on the screen, and you can choose what you want.


4. After following the steps above, you can choose your existed written stuff or start the project from the beginning.


5. Choose your eBook cover from the defaults, or you can create a new cover form the scratch.


6. Once the cover is ready, finish and your eBook is ready, and you will see the work space. At the space given, you can do all the editing, creating tables, formatting and any useful thing on the eBook.

The online user guide

Detailed video guide

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