How to Jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite 2

This article is a complementation of the Kindle Jailbreaking series (downgrade firmware and jailbreak), because Kindle Paperwhite 2 is a little difference than the other Kindles, so I have to write another article for telling how to jailbreak Kindle Paperwhite 2.

In fact, this method works on Kindle which runs firmware version from 5.0 –, that includes Kindle Touch, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Paperwhite 2.


Install steps

  1. Download and unzip it.
  2. Copy all the extracted files to Kindle’s root path.
  3. Safely eject Kindle from computer, and go to Kindle’s home screen.
  4. Tap “Menu” –> “Settings” –> “Menu” –> “Update Your Kindle”
  5. Wait for seconds, you shall see the message “**** JAILBREAK ****” displayed on Kindle.

jailbreak kindle paperwhite 2

What’s next?

After your Kindle is jailbroken, you can install some hack plugins to make the most of your Kindle.


If you update your Kindle’s version after jailbreaking, the Kindle would turn back to un-jailbreak, you will need to run the jailbreak again.


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