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Free Kindle Books for 28/02/2017 (100+ Books)

See larger image Parables & Ponderings: when God speaks to us through everyday items and incidents (Little Devotionals Book 1) (Kindle Edition) If you’re drowning in work, traffic or housekeeping and feel like God has forgotten you, think again! Lovers of the Chicken Soup for the Soul or Robert Fulghem books will devour these funny and insightful true-life anecdotes. Be inspired by everyday things around you! Perfect for devotionals. Book 2 is out!MIRACLES & MUSINGS ~ recognizing God’s love in blessings big and small Book 3 due in July!KNOCKING & KNOWING ~ when faith is hard to find List Price: Price Not Listed Kindle Edition:...

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Free Kindle Books for 27/02/2017 (100+ Books)

See larger image Brenna’s Wing (Kindle Edition) Brenna Brooks is a veterinary technician with a stable job and a small savings, though she is not satisfied with her role in society. She often spends her free time with her mother, volunteering at a big cat rescue, and reading of other’s adventures. Shortly following her 22nd birthday, she begins experiencing a fantastical recurring dream which is more rooted in her real life than she realizes. After tragedy shakes the foundation of Brenna’s world, she visits the land she one day planned to purchase for her future animal rescue. There being met with the biggest surprise of her life yet,...

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Free Kindle Books for 26/02/2017 (100+ Books)

See larger image No Perfect Secret (Kindle Edition) Anna Nesmith believes she has it all–a great marriage, a dream job and a home of her own. When an investigator begins asking questions, Anna’s ordered world crashes like Jenga blocks. Frank Caburn is man to the bone and manufactures testosterone like Frito Lay does chips, which seems not to impress Anna one whit as she picks through the rubble of her shattered life. Attracted to Anna, Caburn determines to make her his own–But how to tell her without tripping over a layer of secrets is beyond him. Falling in love has never been more difficult. List Price: Price Not Listed Kindle Edition:...

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Free Kindle Books for 25/02/2017 (100+ Books)

See larger image Good Morning, Darkness (Kindle Edition) Everyone is in love with Laura: the Mexican fisherman who admires her through her kitchen window as he walks in the predawn darkness to the ocean; her boyfriend, Scott, a successful real estate agent who asks her to marry him and won’t take no for an answer; the detective who instructs her in martial arts; and her lascivious boss. Then one day Laura disappears. There is no evidence of foul play—she had quit her job and claimed to be visiting her sick mother on the East Coast. But while wandering the beach one night, the fisherman finds a woman’s severed arm. When another one turns up...

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Free Kindle Books for 24/02/2017 (100+ Books)

See larger image Chosen for Power (Women of Power Book 1) (Kindle Edition) Somebody is out to destroy Elle Simpson and everything in her life. Elle has always depended on family to make her business run strong, but long work hours have left her without much of a private life. Just as Elle thinks she has met the potential man of her dreams, she also discovers an imposter determined to destroy her business and life. Can she trust this “Prince Charming” to help her defend everything she holds dear, or will she only leave herself vulnerable at the worst possible time? Drake Charles’s work in the fast-growing mobile technology field made him a...

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Free Kindle Books for 23/02/2017 (100+ Books)

See larger image Sin Azúcar (el amor se sirve caliente, la venganza – fría, la amistad – sin maquillaje…) (Spanish Edition) (Kindle Edition) NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH. El amor se sirve caliente, la venganza- fría, la amistad – sin maquillaje y la vida simplemente nos sirve todo… SIN AZUCAR Un buen día Iris encuentra el hasta entonces bien ordenado puzzle de su vida esparcido por el suelo – su marido la deja de repente, pero con la propuesta de una relación en paralelo con la nueva titular.Iris está angustiada, tiene sentimientos encontrados sobre si compartir a su marido y convertirse en una amante sólo para no perderle del todo, cuando...

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