How to Download Audible Books to Computer and Convert to MP3

How to Download Audible Books to Computer and Convert to MP3

Audible is the largest audiobooks reseller which belongs to Amazon, these years audiobooks are growing rapidly while eBooks are slowing down the steps.

In Audible, every new user can get 2 audiobooks for free at first, then $10 for each audiobook later. Most of Audible users only listen to audiobooks with iOS/Android app, someone uses Amazon Echo. Few people know that they can also download audiobooks to computer.

In this blog, I’ve written a detailed post about how to read eBooks freely. Today I will introduce how to remove DRM from Audible books, in this way, you can convert Audible books to MP3 format and listen to Audible books anywhere, like iPod, foobar, and any other mp3 player.

Download Audible audiobooks to computer

Buying Audible books, you can only listen to them with Audible apps. At the moment, Audible apps are available for iOS, Android, Windows (PC and Mobile phone). On macOS you can listen to them via iTunes.

To convert Audible audiobooks to MP3, you need to download the Audible .aa files to computer (PC and Mac) at first.

Download Audible Manager

Windows user: Download Audible Manager at

Mac user: Audible Manager doesn’t provide macOS version, the Audible file can be played via iTunes.

Browse Audible files to download

Visit, log in with Audible account, then you will see the library page as the screenshot below.

audible files library

Click the “DOWNLOAD” button, on Windows computer you will get an .adh file, usually it’s a very small file (about 1kb). You need to open it with Audible Manager.

If you are using macOS, you will directly download the complete audiobook file.

audible .adh file

Download complete Audible file to computer

Opening the downloaded .adh file with Audible Manager, the complete audiobook will start to download.

download audible file with audible manager

This step is only for Windows users, on macOS you can download a complete Audible file in step 2.

Install Audible Converter

Audible Converter is the company who develops iBooks Copy, now it releases Audible Converter, which helps you convert Audible audiobooks to MP3.

Download Audible Converter

How to convert Audible .aa files to MP3

Launch Audible Converter

audible converter user interface

This software’s user interface is compact and clean, we can easily figure out each button’s function by the icons and texts.

Load Audible files into the software

load audible aa files to audible converter

Click the “Add Files” button, the software will open system’s files explorer, you just need to choose the .aa files.

Choose output format

choose output format

Click the format button at the lower left corner, a settings box will pop up. There you can choose the output format from a long list. The format options include:

format options

This list contains almost all the popular formats, I recommend you choose MP3 or AAC. MP3 can be played by the majority of audio player software and hardware, AAC is the standard format of Apple’s audio player.

The lossless format makes no sense in my point of view, as the original .aa files are not lossless, this output format does nothing but make the file larger.

Convert to MP3 and remove DRM

Like Kindle books, the Audible audiobooks are also protected by DRM. By converting it to other formats, you can remove the DRM at the same time.

After loading the files and choosing the output format, click the “Convert” button you can start the conversion job.

converting audible books to mp3

The conversion progress is displayed on the file cover, you can cancel the conversion anytime you want.

Stop the conversion progress won’t damage the original files.

Check the converted files

audible to mp3

After the conversion is finished, click the clock icon you can open the converted files list.

Click the magnifying glass icon you can open the folder which saved the output files.

By now, all the jobs are finished. You can listen to the audiobooks with any player you like.

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