How to Read Apple iBooks on Kobo eReader

The software involved is only available on Mac, if you are using Windows PC, you can consider install a mac OS virture machine, or find a Mac computer from your family or friends.

convert ibooks to koboWith nook gradually out of the stage of eBooks, this market is carved up by Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Kobo. Among the big three, Apple is the special one, because it doesn’t sell eReaders, and its reading app is only available for macOS and iOS.

So if a book is Apple iBooks exclusive, you’ll have to buy a Mac or iPhone/iPad, to be honest, buy a $1000+ gadget because we need to read a $10 book, that is ridiculous.

I’ve already covered how to read iBooks on Kindle in this post, and today I am going to make this series more complete: how to read iBooks on Kobo.

Why you can’t read Apple iBooks on Kobo

There are two main reasons

  • The DRM. Apple iBooks adopts Apple FairPlay DRM, while Kobo adopts Adobe Adept DRM.
  • The format. Both of them are supporting EPUB format, but some of iBooks are ibook format.

By solving these two problem, we can read iBooks on Kobo.

Software which solves the problem

Back to 2012, we have a tool called Requiem to solve the DRM problem, but Apple fought back soon, now the entire Requiem project is already terminated.

Since then, we have no clue about how to read iBooks on non-Apple apps.

Until months ago, a software studio called TunesKit announced that they have come up with a solution for converting Apple iBooks to DRM-free EPUB books.

The software is called iBooks Copy for Mac.

As the only software on the market which can do this, it’s acceptable that the software charges you $29.95. (You can get 20% off at the bottom of this post, it’s exclusively offered by this blog.)

Noob-proof steps to read iBooks on Kobo

You can learn how to use this software by this video guide.

Simple as ABC, right?

If you like a step-by-step guide about the whole procedure, here is it.

  1. Download and install iBooks Copy for Mac.
  2. Download your purchased iBooks to your computer with iBooks Mac app.
  3. Convert iBooks to DRM-free EPUB, just follow the video guide above.
  4. Transfer the DRM-free EPUB books to your Kobo eReader. Job done.

Don’t know how to transfer DRM-free EPUB books to Kobo? You can refer to Kobo’s help article.

20% discount to buy iBooks Copy for Mac

I requested the discount from the software’s developer, so it’s only on this blog.

You can try the software for free (click to download), but the trial version only processes 30% of each book. However, even if you buy it, you can ask for refund in 30 days if it can’t meet your needs.

20% off discount is embed in the button below, by clicking it you will go to the cart page, there you shall see the price is already discounted.

Buy iBooks for Mac with 20% off

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