Amazon Introduced Two Cheap All New Kindle Fire Tablets

Although tablets market is not as hot as before, Amazon has updated their Kindle Fire product line, the new products are called Fire 7 and Fire HD 8, and it’s the 7th generation of Kindle Fire tablet.

fire 7 - 7th generation

The 7th generation Fire HD 8 is almost the same as 6th generation Fire HD 8,  the difference is, 6th generation’s storage can be expanded to 200 GB, while 7th generation is 256 GB. The 7th generation is 1 oz heavier than 6th generation. The most important, 7th generation is $10 cheaper than 6th generation, which sold as $79.99.

The 7th generation Fire 7 is a refresh of 5th generation Fire. Like the Fire HD 8, Fire 7 also can be expanded to 256 GB, while 5the generation is 200 GB. But 7th generation Fire 7 is 0.6 oz lighter than 5th generation Fire. To my surprise, the new Fire 7’s battery life is 1 hours longer than 5th generation, even as its weight goes lighter. As for the price, these two models are the same, which is $49.99.

fire hd 8 - 7th generation

Two models of 7th generation Kindle Fire have equiped 1.3GHz quad-core CPU (Amazon doesn’t claim it clearly but I guess they are provided by MTK, a famous CPU manufacturer from Taiwan). But they have different RAM specs, Fire 7’s RAM is 1GB, while Fire HD 8’s RAM is 1.5 GB.

Of course, they have all integrated Amazon’s intelligent assitant – Alexa.

At the moment, both models only accpet Pre-Order, which will be shipped on June 7th.

If you are confused by these generations of Kindle Fire, you can read this post, iit tells you how to distinguish each generation and model.

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