How to Read ACSM Files

What is ACSM? It’s sort of a “key” file for EPUB or PDF eBook, especially for an eBook sold by some online book store or online library. With this “key”, you can  get the correct EPUB or PDF eBook associated with “key”. So, don’t be worry next time you buy a book from online book store but only get an ACSM file, with it you can download a complete book.

To read ACSM file, you only need one tool: Adobe Digital Editions. Below is the instruction.

  1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Get the ACSM file ready. Usually, you can download it from online store’s website like Kobo, in fact, many eBook stores are providing ACSM files except Amazon and Apple.
  3. Create an Adobe ID and use it to register your Adobe Digital Editons. How to register Adobe Digital Editions? Click “Help” –> “Authorize Computer”, or press “Ctrl + Shift + U”.
  4. Open ACSM with Adobe Digital Editions. You can drag the ACSM file into Adobe Digital Editions, or directly double click the ACSM file, as once you have Adobe Digital Editions installed, it will be the default program for opening ACSM.
  5. If everything goes well, you shall see “Downloading Content” message.

Where to find the EPUB or PDF book? It saves in “Documents/My Digital Editions”, or you can right click on the book cover which is displayed in Adobe Digital Editions, and choose “Show File in Explorer”.

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