3 Ways to Share Kindle Books with Friends and Family for Free

Share Kindle Books with Friends and Family for Free

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I guess all of us have such an experience, bought a book and read through. When we closed the book we found it is so interesting that we want to share it with our friends and family. If it is a paper book, we just give it to others, and they will return us the book after finishing reading. But when it comes to an eBook, we are not able to do this.

According to market report and my practical experience, Amazon is the first choice when people buy eBooks, then Apple comes after.

However, Apple books are impossible to rent or share, so we talk about Amazon in this post.

Loan a Kindle book to any Kindle user for 15 days

For most of Amazon Kindle books, you can share it with another Amazon account for 2 weeks.

Among the rent period, you (the book owner) are not allowed to read this book until he or she returns the book, or 2 weeks later Amazon forces this book to be returned.

In summary, if you want to share Kindle books to other by official method:

1) Both of you are Kindle users

2) This book is bought by one of you

3) The book must be read in 14 days

If you accept the rules above, then please read the following steps guide. Or you can jump to the alternative method.

1. Login Amazon website and go to “Manage Your Content and Devices”.

2. Tick on an item, click Actions button and choose “Loan this title”

loan a kindle book

3. Input the recipient’s information. And please note, “Recipient E-mail address” should be the email address which is used to register Amazon account, or you may fail to loan this site to correct person.

receive loaned kindle book


Minutes later the recipient will get an email notification and he or she will be able to see this book show up in the Amazon cloud library. And remember that the book must be read in 14 days.

Share books with family by Amazon Family Library feature

Family Library is a official feature provided by Amazon, this feature enables you to create a house hold. Each house hold is able to contains 2 adulst Amazon accounts and 4 children accounts.

All accounts in a house hold can read the shared books. You needn’t to point which account you want to loan a Kindle book to. In addition, Family Library also supports apps and audio books sharing.

The shared contents can be accessed from Kindle eReader, Kindle Fire tablets, and Kindle reading apps.

Here is how to set up Amazon Family Library:

  1. Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page on Amazon’s website and login your Amazon account.
  2. Click Settings tab, under “Households and Family Library,” click the “Invite an Adult” button.
  3. The another adult needs to input his/her account information on your computer, this is to make sure that you are family.
  4. After the account information is verified, you are going to which types of content you can share. Now the household is created successfully.
  5. You can add children accounts to this household now. In this step you are actually creating an account for your children, instead of asking them to join.
  6. To check the shared contents, you just need to go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page again, there you can see titles with the mark “Share with you”.

If can’t see the shared titles, please switch to “Your Devices” tab, there you should check “Show [Partner Name]’s content” box under Family library.

If any adult account leaves a household,  he or she can only join another household after 180 days.

Households and Family Library

Share a Kindle book with anyone without time limit

If your friend is not a Kindle user, he reads book slowly, then this method is your better choice.

First I need to cover a fact why Kindle books cannot be read by others, the DRM.

Almost all the eBooks sold in Amazon are protected by DRM, only the person who bought the book can read it, unless you share your Amazon account with others, and I believe few people will do this.

Therefore, if we want our friends or family to read the Kindle books bought by us, we just need to remove the DRM.

My friend is using  a Sony Reader, can I share a Kindle book with him?

Absolutely yes. You just need to remove the DRM at first then convert the book to EPUB, Sony Reader can read EPUB books perfectly.

Fortunately I’ve already wrote posts about removing Kindle DRM and convert a book’s format before, please click the links below for further reading. They are easy to follow and totally free.

Removing Kindle DRM: https://www.ereader-palace.com/kindle-drm-removal-free/

Convert Kindle book format to EPUB (or other formats): https://www.ereader-palace.com/convert-kindle-azw-books-epub-freely/  

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