How to Read Apple iBooks on Kindle


How to Read Apple iBooks on KindleApple iBooks is one of the largest eBooks store in the world, in fact it’s just second to Amazon Kindle. If you buy eBook from Kindle store, you can easily read them on any reading device or app, not only on Kindle.

On the contrary, Apple has the most strict limitation on reading device and app. If you buy books from iTunes iBooks store, you can only read them with iBooks app. What’s more, the iBooks app is only available on iOS and mac OS. Which means, Windows and Android users are not eligible to read iBooks. What a shame.

Recently I found a software which could break the Apple iBooks’ limitation, which makes it possible to read iBooks on any reading device/app, like reading iBooks on Kindle.

To make it simple, you need 3 steps to read Apple iBooks on Amazon Kindle.

  1. Remove Apple iBooks DRM, make iBooks convertable.
  2. Convert the DRM-free iBooks to Mobi or AZW3 format.
  3. Send Mobi or AZW3 books to Kindle.

Below is the details.

1. Make iBooks Convertable

What makes iBooks unable to convert format? The Apple Fairplay DRM.

The software called iBooks Copy can remove the Apple iBooks Fairplay DRM. Below is the demonstration video.

This software is only available on mac OS, and the price is $29.95. However I have requested a coupon from the developer. You can buy it with 20% off from the button below.

Buy iBooks for Mac with 20% off

And here is a detailed guide about how to use iBooks Copy for Mac to remove iBooks DRM.

2. Convert DRM-free iBooks to Kindle format

After converting iBooks to DRM-free EPUB books with iBooks Copy for Mac, now you need to convert EPUB books to Mobi or AZW3, which are acceptable formats of Kindle.

Converting EPUB to Mobi/AZW3 is easily and free of charge, with the freeware Calibre you can easily convert DRM-free EPUB books to Mobi or AZW3.

For where to download Calibre and how to use it, you can refer to this post. Although it’s telling your how to convert Kindle books to EPUB, you just need to change the output format option, other steps are exactly the same.

3. Send Mobi or AZW3 books to Kindle

The simplest way is connecting Kindle to computer, you will see Kindle as a storage drive in your computer. Then copy the Mobi or AZW3 books to Kindle’s documents folder.

You can also send the books to Kindle with wireless way, for more information please read the user guide of Amazon’s official send to Kindle service. Notice: you can only send Mobi books to Kindle if choosing this method.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am using Windows computer, can I remove iBooks DRM?

The answer is negative. Now the software iBooks Copy is only for Mac computer. If you are using Windows, you can consider running a virture machine which boot with mac OS. Or find a Mac computer from your friends.

Convert to Mobi or AZW3, how to choose?

They are all Amazon Kindle’s acceptable formats, and have slightly difference. If you need to send the books to Kindle with wireless method, I recommend your choose Mobi. If you are always sending books to Kindle with USB cable, I would recommend AZW3.

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