How to Convert Vitalsource VBK to PDF and EPUB

How to Convert Vitalsource VBK to PDF and EPUB

Before we go to the how-to section, let me introduce the VBK file at first.

What is VBK file format?

VBK (VitalSource file) is eBook supported file which is actually designed for textbooks. Called as VitalBook from VitalSource. VBK file is available for that reader who is active in Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

File extension of VBK files is .vbk which used in digital books. Digital eBooks are created with these file format. To open VBK file you need to install special application or software. VitalSource BookShelf is an application which you can use.

Why VitalBooks is so powerful in eBooks world? Extracting from a format, VitalBooks is fast, efficient, and interactive as compared to another eBook file format in your mobile and computer.

Let’s see some hidden features of the VitalBooks. Generally, VitalBooks is designed for learning and teaching purpose.

  1. Support large complex files: Most of the textbooks are made with hundreds of pages. VitalBooks are designed for efficient delivery, storage, search, and use of such large files.
  2. Portable: Many of webbooks are in subscription mode and available in remote servers. A VitalBooks is downloadable in your local.
  3. A rapid search in content: If a reader wants to read some particular chapter than search is efficient and easily you can get. In a VitalBook, you can search by words or phrases across thousands of books, in just seconds. Search text, figures and tables, even your notes also.
  4. VitalBooks allow you to make and share notes and highlights right in your text, making it your own customized, dynamic version.
  5. You can easily insert a hyperlink in a textbook. Which are form Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF and HTML?
  6. VitalBooks use XML file format. ePub can be inside a VBK container. Collection of graphics can be made here. It can convert into PDF also.

We will discuss two types of VBK to PDF conversion. Considered as for who is a beginner to do this task. Start and choose a suitable technique to convert VBK to PDF files.

How to Convert VBK to PDF with Print function

As you already know what VBK file is. A VitalSource application will allow you to perform thousands of functions with VBK e-books. VBK file format for e-books is the authentic file format so directional it cannot be converted into a regular file format.

To covert VBK to PDF file, you need to print a VBK file. Some PDF printer programs can help you do it.

Let’s see stepwise how the print function works and how you can convert VBK to PDF.

Download and install PDF printer application

There are many PDF printer applications on the market, you can easily google out tons of them.

I recommend the free DoPDF, if you want premium features, you can try NovaPDF.

Launch VitalSource and select a VBK file

DoubleClick on the “VitalSource Book Shelf”(here to download) application icon to launch it.

In the application click on the “Download” menu and select a downloaded VBK book that you want to convert into PDF.

Launch VitalSource and select a VBK file

Print VBK book to PDF

Click the “File” Menu from the menubar. And select the “Print” Option. Then click the arrow to the right of the “Printer” heading a select the PDF printer software (doPDF or NovaPDF if you install the software I recommend).

Choose PDF printer

Click on the “Print” button to convert a VBK file into a PDF. By Default, it will be saved as PDF file in your computer local storage.

convert vitalsource to pdf

However, you shall notice that you can only print the pages one by one because of the restrict of VitalSource. If you want a more convenient solution, please follow the next part.

Convert VBK to PDF and EPUB with Epubor VitalSource Downloader

Apart from some complex convert methods for VBK to PDF. Let’s introduce the Epubor VitalSource Downloader. With this piece of software you can convert VitalSource books to PDF in several clicks.

Download and install Epubor VitalSource Downloader.

Download Epubor VitalSource Downloader from the authentic and official website. It supports both Windows and MacOS.

Login into VitalSource Bookshelf.

After installation, a dialogue box will pop up to let you log in with VitalSource account. In fact, this application embeds a web browser into it, so you are actually visiting VitalSource official site with the software.

log into vitalsource

Download VitalSource BookShelf to PDF

To get a PDF file of the book, just double-click on a book’s cover to download it. When the book is being downloaded, it’s actually also being decrypted and converted. Epubor VitalSource Downloader does the jobs at the same time.

download and convert vitalsource book

After download completed, the exploere will pop up to show the directory where saves the book. You can see that the VBK books have already be converted to common formats like EPUB or PDF.

Related information about file formats

  1. You can treat VBK file format as a shell, actually it’s a PDF or EPUB file inside
  2. Epubor VitalSource Downloader rips the shell and brings you the original PDF or EPUB file
  3. You can’t figure out it’s a PDF or EPUB file when it’s still a VBK book

Using these convert technique you can do an easily complete conversion of VBK to PDF. It is a most suitable and easy technique to convert a VBK to PDF files. VBK file generally not supported every kinds of digital device. While PDF and EPUB are general file formats which are supported by almost all digital devices and reading apps. That’s why we convert the format.

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