How to Add EPUB and PDF Books to KOBO eReaders

Kobo U.S Aura Edition2There are 3 ways to add books to KOBO ereaders. For Kobo owners, it becomes a serious challenge to add books, mainly EPUB and PDF ones, to add to their ereaders. As the Kobo readers don’t necessarily always have to purchase books only from Kobo store, it becomes a major concern for the readers to get their books synced with Kobo. Yes, books bought from Kobo only get synced in the built-in app. For books bought from other third-party sources, one has to manually do this syncing. But, how?

This guide will show you how to add books to Kobo using Windows or Mac without much hassle.

How to add books to Kobo using a Windows computer?

Follow these simple steps to add PDF and EPUB books to your Kobo ereader-

1. Connect your Kobo ereader to the Windows computer using an USB cable. You will be prompted to choose between 2 actions – a) continue reading and b) managing your library.

2. Choose the latter i.e. b) managing your library. Once it’s done, the computer will automatically detect connection to a new device.

3. You will now be prompted to choose from a set of actions you may like to perform now as the device is connected your PC. Click “Open folder to view files”. A new small window will open showing all the content of your Kobo ebook reader.

4. Now, navigate to the folder in your Windows PC where you have stored the ebooks which you want to move or copy to your Kobo.

5. Next, either drag and drop the files from Windows folder to Kobo folder or just copy and paste.

6. Disconnect the Kobo reader and enjoy reading the new ebooks in your reader.

Congratulations. You have successfully added ebooks from your PC to your Kobo.

How to add books to Kobo using your Mac computer?

1. Use an USB reader to connect your Kobo device to the Mac computer. The Kobo software will prompt you to choose between two actions. Either you can continue reading your ebooks or manage your library. Yes, just like in Windows, you can use this Desktop application for both these activities.

2. Choose ‘Manage library’ using the navigation option.

3. Next, launch Finder application from your computer.

4. You will get a list of devices. Choose Kobo from the list and the Finder window will show you the contents of your Kobo ebook reader.

5. Open another Finder window and navigate to the folder in your Mac PC where you have stored the ebooks which you want to read in your new ebook reader.

6. Now, simply drag and drop the files from your Mac finder window to Kobo finder window.

7. The job is done. So, you can now disconnect the device from your Mac.

8. Switch on your Kobo ebook reader and go to the ‘ebooks’ section to find the ePUB books and ‘pdfs’ sections for the pdf files.

Happy reading.

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