iFLYTEK Ebook VS iReader C6, Which Color E-Ink eReader Will You Choose

About two weeks ago, iFLYTEK and iReader both released their first color e-ink readers at the same time, both claiming that their products were the first in the world.

In fact, it is not so important for consumers which product is the first one. What matters is: how well things are done and whether they meet our needs.

Consumer’s Expectations for Color E-Ink Readers

For most people, the color E-ink display is still a long-awaited thing, and it can have a better look and feel while being more friendly to the eyes.

Of course, some consumers will think that the black and white display can meet their reading needs already, and  it’s better to read color comics to tablets such as iPad?

This is indeed the case. For consumers, black and white display can meet their daily needs, but the technology is developing, and everyone will have higher demands, so they have generated expectations for this color E-ink display.

In fact, in addition to the comics mentioned above, there are books in the category of photography, food, art, children’s books, etc. That are very suitable for reading on color E-ink display.

Even when we read general books, we occasionally see some illustrations. At this time you find that the amount of information that the black and white display can deliver is actually not enough.

If black and white is imagination, then color is happiness. There is no right or wrong in making any choice between them. Just see if it suits you.

iFLYTEK Ebook VS iReader C6

From the current information, each product has a common, also has its own characteristics.

Although the information is limited, we can still find some clues:  in common, the two products are all 4096-level color E-ink display; in terms of differences, iFLYTEK’s new product emphasizes its advantages in the artificial intelligence (AI reading host), while iReader emphasizes its configuration: four-core processor and 16 gigabytes of memory.

This is no doubt telling us that this year’s market for color e-ink display is about to bloom.

After all, the products have just come out, there is a process of gradual maturity. What we can do, it to make bold attempts and actively offer suggestions within our capacity to optimize the product for the future.

As these two products are still in the pre-sale stage, no one has officially received the product yet. I suggest that we can wait, those who have bought the product will share their user experience, those reviews can help us to choose which one is more worth buying.

I will also keep an eye on the progress of the color E-ink display eReaders, bringing you all kinds of news and consumer reviews for the first time.

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