iReader C6 Quick Review – The First Full-Color e-Reader

A month ago, I wrote a post about a possible full-color Kindle, and today I received a message from a friend in China that a Chinese e-Reader manufacturer, iReader, has released a color e-Reader, the iReader C6.

The iReader C6 is currently available for pre-order and is still some time away from shipping. The latest news is that the earliest shipping date will be April 30. Before that, you can place pre-order orders on March 25 and March 31 on their JD store.

This post is based on a beta version of the iReader C6.

iReader C6

The iReader C6 looks the same as other e-Readers, with a white body, a red power button in the upper right corner, and a gray text logo on the bottom of the front and the middle of the back. Without the color screensaver, everyone would think it was just another black-and-white e-Reader.

The iReader C6 has a narrow bezel and a thin body, making it extremely light to hold in your hand.

iReader C6 uses E-Ink’s latest printing color technology: through the color filters, it can display 4096 kinds of colors, makes the screen look soft, warm and not dazzling;

Although due to the filters, the color screen needs a tiny amount of built-in light to assist the display, but the color display effect is still up to the expected level.

The display effect of iReader C6 is closer to that of printed stuff, it has a softer display and softer colors, which makes it more eye-friendly. But in terms of clarity, it’s a far cry from the LCD.

However, for most text-only novels, black and white screens are actually more suitable, so the iReader C6 provides two modes, color and black-and-white, the text has a higher resolution in the black-and-white mode.

Another important factor in the e-Reader experience is the speed of page-turning. I was thinking the response time of the color screen is slower than that of the black and white screen, but the page-turning speed of the iReader C6 is amazing!

The iReader C6 uses a quad-core CPU with iReader’s exclusive extreme refresh mode, which is said to improve the refresh performance by 50%. In tests, the iReader C6 is as smooth and even better than some black-and-white e-Readers.

The full-color iReader C6 is designed to read comics, picture books, magazines, etc., which means it needs more storage space. So the iReader C6 has 16 GB of built-in memory and extra 16 GB of expanded memory.

what’s more, iReader C6 provides the text-to-speech feature, you can listen to any books by C6. You can also sideload mp3 files to listen to music by C6.

As the first full-color eReader, iReader C6’s price is 1499 Chinese Yuan, which equals about 210 USD.

As the first color e-reader, the release of the iReader C6 is of special significance, it kicks off the first year of the electronic e-Reader! However, iReader is not the only company that is developing full-color e-Reader.

Hopefully we’ll see Amazon release the C6 in color soon

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