Remove DRM from AZW eBooks

AZW is the most common format of Kindle books, especially when you get the books through Kindle for PC and Kindle for Mac.

AZW books are always DRM-protected but sometimes you can also convert a DRM-free Mobi/AZW3 books to AZW format, for some books, you can even directly rename Mobi or AZW3 entension name to AZW.

How to Get AZW eBooks

To get AZW books is simple, just install Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac.

Login with Amazon account, you will see all the books in cloud library displaying there. Double click on a cover you can download the book to computer.

In general, the downloaded books are AZW files. You can find them in “Documents/My Kindle Content” folder.

Remove DRM from AZW Books

For how to remove AZW DRM, please read this post:

What is AZW File

AZW is sort of a “cloth”, in the past, most of AZW books are actually Mobi books after the DRM is removed.

But now most of AZW books are in fact AZW3 format when they are DRM-free.

However, all these three formats are Amazon’s official formats, all of them can be read by Kindle device and apps.

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