6 Nintendo Switch Accessories Worth Buying

6 Nintendo Switch Accessories Worth Buying

Nintendo’s new generation Nintendo Switch has attracted a lot of attention since its release, but a capacity crunch in the early days has created a difficult situation. With the recent increase in capacity, the supply becomes more abundant.

If you have a plan to buy Switch recently, how could you choose the accessories? In this article, I will recommend some practical accessories in terms of my personal experience.

Storage card

Compared to 500GB or even 1 TB storage space of PS4 and Xbox One, it seems too small for Switch to have only 32GB built-in storage space. However, microSD cards can be applied to expand storage space, up to supporting the 2TB micro SDXC memory card.

Is there any need to configure a storage card and how large of space a storage card is needed? In terms of storage content, the storage space of Switch is mainly applied for the storage of digital games, game screenshots, game patches and archives. Once you insert the memory card, all of the content will be automatically stored in the memory card. But the game archive will still be stored in the built-in storage space.

Due to the Switch’s insufficient built-in storage space, it is highly recommended that a storage card be purchased, even if you always buy the physical cards to play games. The 128GB U1 storage card could be your option, or choose the one you can afford.

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC UHS-I card with Adapter - 100MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-128G-GN6MA
249,042 Reviews

In regard to physical and digital games

Switch uses cassette as the medium of physical games. There is no difference between physical games and digital games in the sense of the game itself. The physical game is a better option for the game collection and convenient resale. Meanwhile, the digital game can save the pain of changing the tape back and forth. Because the region locks are not stipulated in Switch and there are always some low-price regions, the games of digital version are more cost-saving.

Game card case

The card case could be your essential accessory, as a player fond of purchasing the physical games. As a consequence of Switch’s advocacy of game sharing and the multiplayer mode of many games, so it’s common for a player to bring quite a few of games when goes out.

Nearly few differences could be found among the cassette boxes. What makes the biggest difference is the appearance of the cassette box and the number of cassettes can be stored. It’s all up to you! I recently bought a Zelda-style cassette box, which exactly fits my personal tastes.

Joy-Con Handle

With a pair of Joy-Con handles and a Joy-Con grip included, Switch explores the joy-Con handle as an innovation this time. Joy-Con handle offers a great experience by being inserted into the console as the handle of the handheld mode, being inserted into the grip to form a traditional grip handle, as well as, being utilized as two small handles in double mode of a game.

Thus, is there any need for us to buy a new Joy-Con handle? If you want to play the multiplayer online games with 4 or 2 players like Arms, it could be a necessity. In addition, Nintendo has also introduced Joy-Cons of different colors. If you want to make your Switch look different, just equip yourself with the one you prefer.

Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) - Neon Pink / Neon Green
21,940 Reviews
Nintendo Joy-Con (L/R) - Neon Pink / Neon Green
  • Two Joy Con can be used independently in each hand, or together as 1 game Controller when attached to the Joy Con grip

Moreover, the Joy-Con grip included in the set could not be charged independently, plugging the handle into the console is the only solution. If you prefer to use grip mode, a Joy-Con grip with charging function can be your choice.

Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip
1,535 Reviews
Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip
  • Combine the left and right Joy-Con into one larger controller with this handy grip.

Switch Pro Controller

If you are still more accustomed to a traditional controller, prefer playing action, sports, or shooting games, a Switch Pro controller is highly recommended.

Nintendo’s professional controllers have not been well reputed. However, the new Switch Pro is greatly improved with good experience of the overall handling and the provision of the limited versions of multiple colors.

Joy-con charger

When you buy a lot of controllers, how to charge them can be a headache. It is necessary to purchase a charger for the controllers.

The Joy-Con controllers charger is the main product in the current market. A charger I bought recently can both charge a pair of Joy-Con controllers and a Switch Pro controller concurrently. Once you have bought Joy-Con controllers and Switch Pro controller, the charger could be a good choice.

Another advantage of the charger is that the charging port of the switch Pro controller is in the upper part of the controller and it is necessary to place the controller upside down into the charger. The charger also provides an adaptor which keeps the controller in the original position to be charged. There is no need to insert the controller into the controller holder anymore, just place the controller into the holder normally, once you need to charge your controller.

PowerA Joy Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock Nintendo Switch
1,152 Reviews

Protective bag

Nintendo Switch’s size makes it difficult to carry everywhere, I can’t put it in any pocket of my jacket or jeans. If I put it in my bag, the screen is easy to be scratched.

Not to mention the charger, the wire, the game cards, etc. All of these can be a mess in my bag.

Therefore, a dedicated bag for the switch is necessary. I bought a simple switch traveler case which is pretty solid and useful.

It separates the switch and wires, protects the screen with soft material. What’s more, it provides 4 game card slots and 2 SD card slots.

RDS Industries, Inc Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case
4,257 Reviews
RDS Industries, Inc Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case
  • RDS Industries, Inc. is the #1 Nintendo Licensed Switch case manufacturer nationwide.


Those mentioned above are the accessories I personally bought. As a new owner of Switch, the accessories you cannot miss are storage cards and Switch Pro handles, both of which can help improve the game experience and make it easier for you to play games.

When buying accessories, it’s all up to your own needs and demands. If the accessory you bought is not frequently used, you’d better use that money to buy the games. After all, buying the game console is for the purpose of playing games.

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