5 Frenquently Asked Questions About Amazon Kindle Accounts

Someone may not be aware that Amazon’s website is divided into different regions, and that each region has its own account system.

In addition, people buy Kindle in different ways, some from the Amazon website, some from large supermarket chains like BestBuy, and some from other unknown sources.

Today I will answer the most frequently asked questions about Amazon accounts of different regions.

Q1: Are Amazon accounts universal in all regions?

The answer is no, I have 3 regional Amazon accounts, US, China, and Japan, which are all separate from each other.

For example, if you sign up for a US Amazon account, but you want to buy comics on Japanese Amazon, you’ll have to sign up for another Japanese Amazon account, and the purchased ebooks will only appear in the cloud library of your Japanese Amazon account.

Q2: Can a Kindle be registered to multiple Amazon accounts in different regions at the same time?

The answer is no. A Kindle can only be registered to one Amazon account at the same time, even if they are the same regional accounts.

You can only buy ebooks in the regional Kindle store which you sign un the Amazon account, it should be noted that the send-to-Kindle email address varies with the Kindle account region, such as the U.S. Amazon send-to-Kindle email suffix is @kindle.com, China’s Amazon send-to-Kindle email suffix is @kindle.cn, so when you use the send-to-Kindle service, you should notice which Kindle account is registered to your Kindle.

Q3: Can I set up all my Amazon accounts in different regions with the same account name and password?

Yes you can, but I won’t recommend it.

If you are using the same email address and the same password for US Amazon, China Amazon, and Japan Amazon, then when an account is registered to your Kindle, the Kindle store will be automatically determined based on where the Kindle device was purchased from. If your Kindle is purchased from Amazon US, you will be automatically logged-into the Amazon US store, and it will be difficult to switch to Amazon Japan if you want to do so.

So, the best way is to use the same account name but different passwords, so that you can distinguish which region of the Amazon store you want to log into by entering different passwords.

Q4: How do I purchase an eBook from Amazon Marketplace in other regions?

The main reason why many people sign up for Amazon accounts in different regions is to buy ebooks from different Kindle stores, such as buying English books from US Amazon and comic ebooks from Amazon in Japan.

And in order to buy ebooks from different Amazon stores, you need to meet three requirements.

1. You need to register an account in the specific region’s Amazon where you want to buy ebooks from.
2. Use a VPN to switch your internet address to the corresponding region (not necessary, but some ebooks may restrict the buyer’s region)
3. You must have a credit or debit card that can support payment in foreign currency.

Q5: Will the downloaded ebooks be deleted after the Kindle switches to another regional account?

Most Kindle devices, after an ebook is bought and downloaded, the ebook will not disappear even after logging out and switching to a different regional account.

However, these books will lose the function of cloud synchronization, its highlights, notes, reading progress and other data will not be synchronized, unless the Amazon account which bought the book is registered to the Kindle again.

In addition, according to a very small number of users feedback, when they try to switch their account, there will prompt a message “Deregistering the Kindle will remove all content from the device”. For now, these messages are mainly appearing on the newer models.

To solve this problem, you may need to remove the DRM of the ebook.

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