5 Tools a Kindler Must Have

For a Kindler who loves to read, it’s normal to have a dozen or even tens of gigabytes of e-book resources on a hard drive.

However, there is a downside to hoarding e-books.

For a Kindle user, you may encounter many similar problems, the following tools may help you to solve these problems.


My computer used to have tens of gigabytes of eBooks, if there was no way for me to find the corresponding eBooks efficiently, I might have to buy or download them again.

Although Windows Explorer or Mac spotlight can search for files, but the search efficiency of these two functions is really poor.

Everything can display search results real-time, just enter the file name, you can immediately find the ebook you want.

If you find multiple copies of an eBook on your hard drive at the same time, you can also delete them to save space.


Calibre is probably the most versatile e-book management tool available.

When you want to manage your Kindle eBooks, just open Calibre when your computer is connected to your Kindle.

You can also drag and drop other eBooks stored on your computer into Calibre to check the information.

If you want to preview the content of the ebook to see if any information is missing, or if it is well-formatted, you can also use Calibre to open the ebook on your computer and preview it.

With Calibre, you can also convert eBook formats, modify eBook content, sync eBooks over WiFi, and more for Kindle reading.


The Kindle stores highlights and notes when you are reading, yet the electronic data is not easy to organize on the Kindle.

Evernote, however, can help, and Evernote is positioned as your second brain. You can put almost anything you want to remember in Evernote, documents, information, notes, articles, and Kindle notes certainly do the trick.

Exporting notes from your Kindle to Evernote is very easy, as long as you set up a folder arrangement system and a tagging system, and then you can pull all of that up when you want to use it later.

There are also some developers who have created tools to improve the efficiency of Kindle highlights and notes management, such as readwise.io, clippings.io, Klib, Knotes, and more.

Kindle Comic Converter

Online, e-book resources are actually relatively easy to find, but comics are relatively difficult, not only there are less resources, but also the comics cost more storage space.

Therefore, it’s important to have a good quality, free and easy to use comic book download website, and in this article we recommend more than 20 websites to download comics for free.

However, some of the comic books downloaded from these sites cannot be read directly on the Kindle, so it is necessary to convert the comics or even images into a file format that can be read on the Kindle with the help of Kindle Comic Converter.

In general, Kindle Comic Converter is very easy to use. If you have problems using it, check out this tutorial.


Besides normal eBooks and comic eBooks, Kindle can also read RSS feeds.

Kindle4RSS is a high-quality RSS feed tool for Kindle, even if you don’t know anything about RSS or program code, you can easily make the most of it.

Simple to use and rich in resources, Kindle4RSS is definitely the right choice for Kindle RSS reading.

A similar tool is Doocer.

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