11 Sites to Download Free French Kindle Books

I believe that many people who want to read French books are faced with such problems: the original book has few purchasing channels and is expensive; the printing copy is not clear enough, which affects the reading experience.

Compared to paper books, e-books are undoubtedly more convenient and affordable.

So how do you easily get the original French ebook?

Here are some recommended sites to get free or cheap French Kindle books. In fact, almost all of them also provides EPUB and PDF formats, so you can actually read them on any eBook reading apps and devices.

Library Genesis

Although it is an English website, French classics can be found in Library Genesis.

Click on any of the mirrors in the search results to get the download link.

If you are using iPad or iPhone, you can just open it in iBooks.



Litteratureaudio is a free download site for audiobooks.

Taking “Le Journal D’une Femme De Chambre” (“The Diary of a Chambermaid”) as an example, not only can you listen to books online, you can also download audio in chapters, which is great.



The National Library of France ‘s electronic library Gallica (app with the same name) is more like a real library.

In addition to literary masterpieces, historical books, audiovisual materials, there are precious manuscripts, draft resources, celebrity reviews, academic papers Everything, the style of illustrations for children’s books is beautiful.

I even downloaded a very clear medieval manuscript from this website.



eBooksgratuits is an e-book download website that French people are also familiar with.

It has rich resources and beautiful typography. Even better is that the book format is very rich, including Mobi, EPUB, PDF, TXT, WORD, HTML.


Wiki Source

Wikipedia’s e-book resource library, most of the classical author’s works can be found here, but some are not guaranteed, if you can’t find a book from other places, you may try your luck here.


La Bibliothèque numérique romande

The Swiss people, whose official language is French, also like to read. The Swiss Digital Library website provides a lot of free French eBooks. The quality of the files is also high. The PDF files are non-scanned and very clear.

Besides PDF format, you can also download the books with these formats: EPUB, MOBI, HTML, DOC.



Culturethèque is a digital library of the French Cultural Centre, with cultural communication as its main goal.

You can read and listen to free French books online. Many popular bestsellers can be found here.



This website belongs to a TV channel in France. Compared with other websites, the design style of this website is obviously more fashionable. In addition to being visually pleasing, this site provides a lot of eBooks, and offers multiple formats, like EPUB and Mobi.



Vousnousils is actually a teaching platform. From entry to intensive reading, from preschool to higher education, the supporting reading materials is very reasonable. Free eBook resources are only one of the means to assist teaching.


La Bibliothèque électronique du Québec

This is the eBook download site in Quebec, Canada. The biggest advantage is that you can find many books of Canadian authors.

In addition, his unique book classification is also impressive, such as Collection Classiques du 20e siècle (Classic writer of the 20th century), Collection À tous les vents (famous writers from all over the world), Collection Littérature québécoise (Quebec literature), etc. .

The Quelques auteurs (others)  column contains almost all works of an author, and is accompanied by relevant biographies or literature, which is very useful for doing researches.



This website is a platform that provides comprehensive services related to eBooks.

You can buy eBooks, write eBooks, and even publish eBooks.

Of course, this website also provides many free eBooks in the format including EPUB, MOBI, PDF.


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