Nicknames of All Kinds of Kindles, Check the Name of Your Kindle

all generations of kindles namesWhat is Kindle 3? What is Kindle five-way controller? My Kindle is Kindle Paperwhite 3, why someone calls it Kindle 7? This might confuse you long time, and many people even don’t know the exact name of their Kindles.

According to Amazon official website and Wiki pages related to Kindle, I compile this list to help you figure out the official name and nickname for all Kindles.

Which Kindle do I have?

1st Generation Kindle

  • Kindle(Kindle1)

2st Generation Kindle

  • Kindle(Kindle2)
  • Kindle(Kindle2)International
  • Kindle DX — Buy it
  • Kindle DX International — Buy it
  • Kindle DX Graphite

3rd Generation Kindle

  • Kindle Keyboard(Kindle3)

4th Generation Kindle

  • Kindle Touch (Kindle 4)

5th Generation Kindle

  • Kindle(Kindle5)– Buy it
  • Kindle Paperwhite(KPW)

6th Generation Kindle

  • Kindle Paperwhite(KPW2)

7th Generation Kindle

  • Kindle(Kindle7)– Buy it
  • Kindle Voyage — Buy it
  • Kindle Paperwhite(KPW3)– Buy it

8th Generation Kindle

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