DangDang R7S Quick Review, A 7.8-Inch E-Ink Screen With Capacitive Pen

When it comes to e-book readers, I’ve used a lot of them. The overall feeling is that they can partially replace paper books, and the price of e-books is relatively cheap.

For me, there is a problem with e-book readers, that is, 6 inches is a bit small, while 10.3 inches is too large. Maybe 7-8 inches is better.

Dangdang R7S is interesting. Here are some highlights:

First of all, the size, which stands between 6 inches and 10 inches, provides a new choice between Kindle and iPad.

Secondly, the e-book reader keeps the physical page-turning button, and it comes with a protective cover by default.

Finally, there is a capacitive pencil. If you buy the pencil and the e-reader together, you only need to pay 150 RMB (about 20 USD) in extra.


Let’s start with the first highlight, size. I think 7.8 inches is good for me, and its size is closer to that of paper books. When the e-book reader reaches 7.8 inches, it can display enough content on each page even if the font size and spacing are adjusted bigger.


The second highlight is the built-in protective cover, which is very creative. It also makes the e-reader more like a paper book. Paper books generally have a cover, you need to open the cover to read the book.

Its total weight is 345 grams, mainly because the size is larger than the main-stream e-book reader, and it has a built-in protective shell.

The protective shell can be used as a stand after being folded.


This capacitive pencil needs to be purchased separately and can be written on the R7S screen. It costs 200 yuan if you buy it separately, and 150 yuan if you buy it together with the e-reader.

This pencil needs a battery, and it can’t be charged. One battery can last for half a year, so don’t worry about the battery life of the pencil.

There are mainly several uses of stylus, one is to record notes, the other is to annotate. R7S has prepared many note templates for easy selection.

In terms of writing style, there are pens, pencils, brushes and other styles available. You can calibrate it before starting writing so that the screen can recognize the pencil more accurately.

Another function of the capacitive pencil is annotation. R7S supports annotation of PDF files, and does not support ePub and other formats for the time being. I hope it can support more file formats later.

The e-reader also supports WiFi transfer, and there is a built-in web browser.

Hardware Specs

R7S adopts a 7.8-inch e-ink screen, 1404×1872 pixels, 300ppi, 33 levels adjustable backlight, weighing 345g.

4-core 1.8GHz CPU, 32GB storage, 3000mAh battery, type-C port, gravity sensing, and physical page-turning button. The system is obook OS of Linux kernel, supporting PDF, ePub, FB2, HTML, Doc, Mobi, txt and other formats, as well as JPG, BMP, PNG and other image formats.



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