How to Install Fonts Like Bookerly and Ember to Kobo eReaders

install fonts on koboMany of  you may know that you can’t install custom font styles on a Kindle or a Fire tablet without jailbreaking, but it’s moderately simple to do this on Kobo eReaders.

Here is the step-by-step guide.

  1. Connect your Kobo eReader to your computer with USB, and create a new folder called fonts in the root path of the eReader. (In case you don’t know what is root path: the same location as the .kobo and .adobe-digital-editions folders)
  2. Download Kindle fonts from this link (provided by Ben Miller), extract the zip file you get 12 types of Kindle fons, and each of them are stored in a folder with the font name.
  3. Copy the font files into the newly created “fonts” folder. Please note, you shall just copy the .ttf files into the “fonts” folder, and each font style requires four .ttf files.

Font files download

When you have installed fonts to Kobo, you ought to have the capacity to choose them from the textual style (Aa) menuin reading screen. Ember bookerly early a year ago Amazon discharged a firmware upgrade for the Fire tablets with a custom serif textual style, Bookerly, which was created solely for Amazon’s utilization on its Kindle stage. Presently Amazon is going to discharge a sans-serif textual style, and you can get an early look.

At the point when the Kindle Oasis begins delivering one week from now, it will incorporate another textual style called Ember. Created by textual style foundry Dalton Maag, Ember is a custom textual style grew only for Amazon. It’s as of now begun appearing in late redesigns for the Kindle tablets and in addition in early hands on recordings of the Kindle Oasis, and now you can download it and attempt it yourself. A companion was sufficiently thoughtful to catch a duplicate of the textual style family. However, it is not recorded as an alternative in either of Fire tablets or Kindles (in spite of the fact based on the information that Amazon is as of now utilizing it as a part of the menus on the Kindle).

Today Amazon released a new font style called “Ember Bold“, which is the bold version of Ember font. I haven’t get the font file yet, will update this post once I get the font file.

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