Supernote A6 X Reaches the Next Stage of Digital Note Taking

Compared with the Kindle, Onyx and iReader, Supernote is a very new e-reader brand. However, since the release of Supernote A5, users have had a good rating of it.

Supernote is more like Remarkable, focusing on the digital note taking, and the smooth writing experience is its most extraordinary point.

On July 10, Supernote officially launched its new product of the year: Supernote A6 X, a 7.8-inch digital note taking device.

In terms of appearance, Supernote A6 X inherits the white color and simple designing style of this series.

There is no special design on the front, but the pure white body is clean and simple, and there is a slightly asymmetric design on the back.

The 7.8-inch digital note taking device has a screen with a resolution of 1872 × 1404 and 300 PPI.

There is a sidebar on the right side of the Supernote A6 x, which can call a shortcut menu by sliding your finger.

The key function of Supernote A6 X is its handwritten note taking function, what’s more, it provides more professional notes organization function.

Supernote A6 X has been deeply optimized to provide users with more accurate, professional and structured note taking experience.

By selecting, setting as title, setting as keyword and other functions, the notes are more systematic and structured, which is convenient for searching notes and is conducive to building a knowledge library.

A6 X makes a more precise and professional distinction in writing notes in terms of stylus type, thickness and style.

A6x provides more practical note templates, for those who like drawing, Supernote A6 X adds layer function, just like Photoshop, which makes hand drawing more convenient.

Of course, cloud synchronization and export/import of notes functions are essential.

The smooth handwriting experience on the e-ink screen is the highlight of Supernote. There are two types of stylus for normal digital note taking devices: one needs to be charged, and the other needs to replace the refill.

The Supernote A6 X has a ceramic stylus, which does not need to be charged or replaced. It will never wear and tear. It is free of charge and replacement.

There is also an eraser shortcut on the stylus, which can erase content with just a press, which is more convenient for writing.

It is said that it can achieve almost no delay as it supports the pressure feeling of 4096 levels or above. In addition, the screen of Supernote A6 X adopts a special self-recovery screen material, which is said to be able to simulate the depression and recovery process of real paper when writing, and perfectly simulate the feel of real paper writing.

In terms of operating system, Supernote A6 X chooses a customized system based on Android, while the previous products of Supernote adopt Linux system.

As for the openness of the system, Supernote A6 X does not allow users to install third-party apps. Instead, the company will launch new apps or functions through system updating.

Other issues that asked frequently:

Supernote A6 X’s storage space?

2GB memory and 32GB storage space.

Does Supernote A6 X support backlight?

There is no backlight. It is said that the backlight will make the device thicker, and harm the handwriting experience.

What’s the price of the Supernote A6 X?

Supernote A6 X was released on July 10, and was pre-sold on the official website. The original price was 2299 Yuan (about 330 USD).

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