How to Find Serial Number from Broken Kindle

In general we can find a Kindle’s serial number in two ways:

  1. If the Kindle has been registered, you shall be able to check the  serial number on Amazon website “Manage Your Kindle” page.
  2. You can check the serial number in Kindle’s settings page.

What if a Kindle is unregistered and the screen is broken? Don’t worry, in this post you will learn how to find the serial number of a broken Kindle.

To make it, we need a tool called Kindle Diagnostic Tool, it’s a free and open source tiny tool, only for Windows at the moment.

1. Download Kindle Diagnostic Tool.

2. Open the tool and connect Kindle to PC with USB cable.

3. You will be able to see information like Serial Number, Recovery Password, Model, and Drive Letter displayed on the tool.

get serial number from kindle

The setback is, the latest (maybe the only) version is released in 2011, therefore it doesn’t support all the models announced after 2011.

  • Treptači svemira

    If only there were an update to Kindle Diagnostic Tool….

    • Admin

      You may also try the free tool called “KDeasy”, it shows the basic information of your Kindle, including serial number.

      • Treptači svemira

        wow thank you! that would work, but KDeasy requires my Kindle to be updated, but since the screen is broken, apparently I can’t do that :). Thank you anyways

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