Hisense Color E-Ink Reading Phone A5C Quick Review

As one of the first devices equipped with color ink screen, Hisense color ink screen reading phone A5C is now on the market with a 5.84-inch screen and a price of 1699 RMB (about 240 USD) for 4GB + 64GB. Let’s take a look at how the color ink screen works.

Appearance design

Hisense reading phone A5C adopts the simple design as a whole, with simple and elegant appearance. There are four colors of black, white, blue and green. In this article, the black version is used for review.

Hisense reading phone A5C is equipped with a 5.84-inch color ink screen, with a resolution of 1440 × 720 pixels, which can display 4096 kinds of colors. The color printed electronic paper display technology is adopted, which can make the eyes perceive the color by fully reflecting the daylight without turning on the backlight.

The backside adopts the minimalist design language, and the single camera, flash and Hisense logo are all on the same side of the phone. In addition, the back of the phone also uses a skin-friendly coating, which is very delicate to touch.

As a mobile phone equipped with a 4000mAh battery, Hisense reading phone A5C has a width of 74.6mm, a thickness of 8.1mm, and a body weight of 158g, which is suitable for single hand-holding.

In terms of buttons, the right side of Hisense reading phone A5C has the power key and volume keyboard, and the left side has a “smart button”, which supports function customization. It can be set as the quick key to start the reading application, switch the backlight, refresh the screen, flip the page or other functions.

Hisense reading phone A5C has a 3.5mm headphone port, in addition, the mobile phone also has an es9318 hi-fi chip, which makes listening to songs with headphones more enjoyable. Unfortunately, Hisense A5C is still using a micro USB charging port, and its charger only supports 5v2a charging power.

Experience of using

As a mobile phone focusing on reading, Hisense reading phone A5C’s biggest selling point is this 5.84-inch color ink screen. Some people who have used Kindle before know that when there is enough daylight, the ink screen can see clearly without backlight.
Different from the past e-ink screen, Hisense reading phone A5C’s e-ink screen supports 4096 colors for the first time. Although it can’t compare with the current mainstream mobile phone’s 16 million colors, it still has a qualitative breakthrough compared with the original black and white screen.

Hisense uses 756 color cards to choose the basic color tone, which is soft and not dazzling. The following is the official demonstration wallpaper, you can roughly see what effect 4096 color can show.

When reading, we can use the volume key to turn the page back and forth. In terms of pure text reading, Hisense A5C turns the page quickly. In clear mode, there is almost no ghosting of the front page for text refreshing; in smooth mode, the text refreshing speed is faster, almost reaching the level of normal smartphones, but at this time, there will be some ghosting of the text background, which can be refreshed by double-clicking the smart button on the left.

Compared with pure text reading, color cartoon reading brings higher refresh load. At this time, if the clear mode is turned on, the refresh speed will be slower. If smooth mode is turned on, the refresh speed will be much faster and the picture quality will be reduced.

Hisense reading phone A5C adopts the Qualcomm snapdragon 439 processor and is equipped with 4GB memory and 64GB storage, which can meet the needs of main-stream apps in terms of hardware.

As we all know, the electronic ink screen is very power-saving when the backlight is not turned on, and the official said the continuous reading can reach 62-93 hours. In the actual test, turn on the automatic page-turning function of the reading app, turn off the backlight, turn on WiFi, and power down 2% in an hour.


In recent years, Hisense has been deeply engaged in the field of e-ink mobile phones, opening up another path for the development of smartphones. Hisense reading phone A5C is the first batch to carry the latest printing color electronic paper technology of Yuantai technology, adding light color on the basis of the original black-and-white screen, which is more suitable for reading comics or graphics.

In general, this reading phone can be used as a standby machine, or an electronic alarm clock on the desktop when not reading, which is practical and beautiful.

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