How to Manually Update Kindle’s Firmware Version

How to Manually Update Kindle's Firmware Version

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What is the Kindle firmware upgrade? What are the benefits of upgrading the firmware?

The firmware is the Kindle’s system files. Kindle firmware upgrade service is provided by Amazon, we can upgrade the firmware to fix the old version firmware’s bugs, improve system stability, benefit the new features.

Firmware upgrade does not affect the Kindle’s warranty, it is recommended to upgrade to latest firmware immediately. Of course, if your Kindle has been jailbroken, you need to be cautious. Upgrade to new firmware may erase the jailbroken record.

Why my Kindle won’t update the firmware automatically?

Hearing the message of the newly released firmware, some pals will feel bemused why my Kindle has never updated automatically, which lies in that many of us are getting used to the update mode similar to mobile systems or apps: once updates are available and the system or application will give a clear indication and no extra operation is needed. Even if missing the update prompt, by the means of manually checking the menu or button, the availability of any updates will be displayed. If there is any, the whole updating process will be completed by two clicking.

The Kindle firmware update is a little bit different, in another wordless “advanced”. Although the Kindle update is automatic, the process is completely passive. When a new Kindle firmware is released, Amazon will push the new firmware in batches to all adaptive Kindle devices. As a user, all you can do is waiting. Due to the uncertainties such as the network path, and the update timing is undetermined as well: it can be two or three days, a week or two weeks or even half a month. As though receiving the firmware push, your Kindle can normally complete the automatic update, on the premise of normal network status and sufficient Kindle storage space.

There is also a doubt among pals who want to proactively upgrade the Kindle firmware, which is why “Update your Kindle” is in gray and not available on the menu. As a matter of fact, all of this menu item can do is to issue an instruction for Kindle to install the new firmware, which is different from the “check update” function of the mobile phone system or mobile application. Thus, it is only available once the new firmware is copied to the Kindle root directory.

In short, to upgrade a new firmware for Kindle, either needs to wait patiently for automatic updating or download the firmware and update manually.

So how to upgrade the Kindle firmware? How to update the Kindle system version?

All Kindle models firmware file download

At first locate the exact generation your Kindle is on this page. Then download the corresponding firmware files in the list below.

Where is the firmware version? How do I check the Kindle firmware version?

Different Kindle model’s firmware version is located in the different location, the following list displays the method for different Kindle models:

Kindle Paperwrite 1 / 2 / 3 / Oasis / Voyage / Kindle 7th & 8th generation:

Home — Menu — Settings — Menu — Device Info

Kindle 4 / 5 / Kindle touch

Home — Menu — Setting — Menu — Device Info

Kindle 1 / 2 / 3 / Keyboard / DX / DXG:

Home — Menu — Settings — The right bottom corner will display the firmware version

Steps to upgrade Kindle firmware

  1. Download the latest firmware file (you can find the download links from content above);
  2. Using a USB cable to connect your Kindle to your computer, a removable disk called “Kindle” will appear in My Computer (or “Computer”) (the MAC system will appear directly on the desktop);
  3. Copy the downloaded firmware file to Kindle’s root directory (where you can see documents folder);
  4. Safely eject the Kindle removable drive, disconnect Kindle and computer’s USB connection;
  5. Go to your Kindle’s home screen, click on the menu (top right corner of the screen) -> Settings -> menu (top right corner of the screen) -> update your Kindle;
  6. Then Kindle’s screen will display “your Kindle software is updating……”;
  7. Wait a moment until the Kindle reboots automatically, then the firmware is updated successfully.


  • If the update your Kindle option is gray out, it indicates that your system is already the latest, or your firmware is not placed in the root directory location or the firmware file is not correct, please follow the steps above strictly and try again.
  • When upgrade is completed, if the firmware file still exists in the root directory, you can manually delete it as it takes large amount of your Kindle storage.
  • If you want to disable Kindle’s auto firmware update feature, you can read this guide.

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