7 Problems Kindle Newcomers Will Encounter

The Kindle seems to be very simple to use, after all, the primary function is to read. But almost all newcomers would encounter these confusing questions.

How to pronounce the name

First of all, how to pronounce the word  Kindle becomes the first question for newcomers, and some of them are embarrassed to realize that they never pronounced the name Kindle correctly even after using the device for years.

The correct pronunciation is: [ˈkɪndl]

Register the Kindle

There are two options when registering the Kindle for the first time, registering directly with an existing account, or registering a new account then logging in.

Some people say that registering a new account directly on Kindle often fails. So for newcomers who don’t have an Amazon account, my advice is, first register your account on the Amazon website with your phone/computer browser, then register your Kindle with an existing account.


Amazon is an international company and it has corresponding websites in different countries/regions. However, the accounts are different for different regions, so switching registered account on the Kindle can cause some confusion, such as.

– Can a Kindle be registered to multiple Amazon accounts of different regions at the same time?
– How do I buy an ebook from other regional Amazon stores?
– Will downloaded ebooks be deleted after the Kindle switches to another regional account?

The logic here is a little bit complicated, and most Kindle users don’t really run into this problem. But if you want to figure it out, read this article.


When many people first started with the Kindle, they had a question: how to turn off it?

The Kindle still displays a screensaver when you press the power button to make it standby, and some people want to turn the Kindle off for power-saving purpose, but they can’t find a way to turn it off.

The fact is, the Kindle can not be turned off at all, because of the feature of the electronic ink screen, when the screen is not refreshed, the power consumption is very slight, so there is no need to turn off the power, standby is very power-saving.

Even if you leave it standby for weeks, the battery may not be drained when you pick it up.

Book format

Before reading on a Kindle, many people had no idea what Mobi and epub were, and their knowledge of e-book formats may have been limited to TXT and PDF.

However, the native formats supported by Kindle are its own Mobi and AZW formats, and although TXT can be read, the display effect is often not satisfactory.

Therefore, experienced Kindle users usually convert TXT to Mobi format and then import it into Kindle to read.

Book Management

Within the Kindle’s Library page, books are divided into two categories, “All” and “Downloaded”, but the logic of these two categories is not clear to many people.

“Downloaded” category includes: imported local books + downloaded purchased books on the device.

“All” category includes: local imported books + purchased books downloaded on the device + books purchased but not downloaded on the device.

For a long time, we couldn’t completely delete some ebooks on Kindle. People who tried to delete the book on their Kindle, but a copy of the book was actually still stored in the Amazon cloud.

But recently the Kindle added the ability to delete it completely on the Kindle via a firmware update.

Protective case and film

This question has been debated for a long time, to say the least, there’s no standard answer. Actually it depends on personal needs.

In general, without a protective case and a film, it feels better when holding the Kindle in your hand. With a protective case and a film, it will be much safer, after all, the ink screen is very fragile compared to the tablet and mobile phone.

In my experience, most people would choose a good-looking protective case, which makes Kindle both safe and beautiful, while fewer people would buy a film.

If there are any other Kindle confusions that bothers you, feel free to leave a comment!

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