How to Make EPUB Books with Google Docs

convert google docs to epubAlthough there is very little doubt about the fact that Adobe PDF is the most popular ebook document reader format, but there is also a very strong reason for which the new-age digital readers are preferring EPUB over everything else including even PDF. It’s the flexibility of EPUB file format that gives the readers an edge over PDF files. By saying flexibility, we are pointing at the responsive feature of EPUB files which Adobe is yet to incorporate in its PDF format. Unlike the fixed dimensions of PDF books or documents, EPUB files can change their dimensions according to the device for being HTML5 documents.

There comes the question how to make EPUB books with Google Docs. Is there an in-built feature that can help Google docs to EPUB file format? If no, then how can it be done otherwise?

We will come to the first query later and share with you whether there is any in-built option to download Google docs as EPUB files or not. And how to convert Google docs into EPUB files through software.

Currently, there is a software which is quite popular and used by many to make such file conversion – Calibre. After downloading run the software in your PC and you will be able to convert Microsoft Word documents or Google docs into EPUB files. So, what if you have never used Google docs and now you have to make an EPUB file from Google docs? Don’t panic. Just follow a few simple steps and you can convert it easily.

To convert Microsoft Word document to Google Docs, first open your browser and sign in to your Google or Gmail account. Next, open another tab, type Google Drive in the search bar or directly open Google Drive from the Google navigation icon. Now, upload your Microsoft Word document here and it will be automatically converted into a new Google Docs file. So, you have your Google Doc ready now.

Time to answer the first question now. How to convert a Google Doc to an EPUB file directly without using any software? Well, you’d be happy to know that Google has now made it absolutely easy for its users to convert any Google Docs to EPUB files without any hassle. Just go to the particular Google doc that you would like to convert into EPUB. Find the “File” option in the menu bar above and click it. A drop down menu will appear. Go down to the “Download as” option and as you hover your mouse on it, you will be given a few choices. The last option is “EPUB Publication (.epub)”. Click on it and your Google Doc will be converted into EPUB in a split second. Yes, it is that easy. Go and try it now!

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