Xiaomi E-Reader 2 Will Be Launched Soon

Covid-19 epidemic has a great impact on every industry, e-reader industry is also the case, this year the number of e-readers released is significantly less than in previous years, for example, the Kindle only to upgrade from 4G memory to 8G.

Xiaomi is the same, only released an e-reader at the end of last year.

This disappoints a lot of people who are looking forward to Xiaomi’s new e-reader, but do not worry, the 2nd generation of Xiaomi e-reader should be released this year.

Just recently, someone asked in Zhihu (a Chinese website similar to Quora), “When will the second generation of Xiaomi’s e-reader come?” and Li Chuangqi, Xiaomi’s senior product director, replied in Zhihu, “It will definitely come this year!”

Although it’s not an official statement, since it’s a leak of Xiaomi’s senior executive, but at least it means that the second generation of Xiaomi’s e-reader is already on the release schedule.

In fact, the news about the release of Xiaomi’s e-reader 2 is not the first time it has been leaked, back in February this year, there were rumors that the Xiaomi e-reader 2 would be released this year.

On February 16, a Weibo (a Chinese app similar to Twitter) account @technologypub said: the launch of the Xiaomi e-reader 2 will be delayed to the second half of the year because of the covid-19 epidemic.

It is August already, although the specific launch date was not announced, anyway, the release of the new Xiaomi e-reader will not be too far away.

And just recently, I saw some leaked sources said that Xiaomi will release an international version of the Xiaomi e-reader 2, as someone found a device named “Mi EBook Reader” from Bluetooth SIG’s database, and the device just obtained Bluetooth certification on July 23rd.

Since Xiaomi’s second generation of e-reader will soon be released, will this “international version” be the second generation of Xiaomi e-reader? In other words, it’s likely that the Xiaomi e-reader 2 will be sold not only in China, but also globally.

The current information about the Xiaomi e-reader 2 is very limited, however, there is a lot of speculation about the Xiaomi e-reader 2.

Speculation 1: 6-inch screen, like Kindle Paperwhite 4

The first generation of Xiaomi’s e-reader was benchmarked against the Kindle, which was positioned at the lower end of the product spectrum, leading to disappointment for many users who had been expecting Xiaomi’s e-reader.

But the first generation was, after all, a test product. And at the time, shortly after the release of the first generation, it had been officially revealed that the second generation would definitely go mid to high end.

So, the second generation of Xiaomi e-reader will most likely be against the Kindle Paperwhite 4, and Lee Chongqi has also revealed that if the second generation of Xiaomi’s e-reader is against the KPW 4, then it will definitely be a full-screen device.

So, a 6-inch screen, 300PPI, waterproof, flat screen, and 8-16 gigs of RAM should be a highly possible configuration for the second generation of Xiaomi’s e-reader. And of course, the Android operating system.

Speculation 2: 7.8 inches, handwriting, priced around 200 USD

In addition to the traditional 6-inch screen option, many people want Xiaomi to come out with a model with a larger screen, as well as a handwriting feature.

Someone guessed the configuration of the second generation Xiaomi e-reader to be:

  • 7.8-inch screen
  • 300 PPI
  • Flat-screen
  • Waterproof
  • 3+32G or 2+16G memory
  • Stylus
  • Prices are around 200 USD
  • Launch in June to September

And this speculation was voted by Lee Chongqi, so it’s likely very close to the correct answer.

Speculation 3: 10.3 inches or larger, handwriting

Although the Moaan e-reader is a member of Xiaomi family,  however, the second generation of Xiaomi e-reader is unlikely similar to Moaan.

There are many users that hope Xiaomi releases a large-screen e-reader, perhaps they want to see another price competition in the large-screen e-reader market?

But in fact, the Moaan has already been bang for the buck, and not long ago, the Moaan has launched a new 10.3-inch new product: inkPad X.

Now that the Xiaomi e-reader 2 is confirmed to be launched this year, we’ll see what happens! Anyway, it won’t be long!

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