Best 6 Wireless External Keyboards for MacBook Pro

Das Keyboard 4C $99 PromoApple announced the brand-new MacBook Pro at the end of October, 2016. The new model leads to fierce discussion on the internet. Many people are impressed by the new OLED touch bar, which brings a whole new interaction method on laptop. While most of the criticism are focus on the price, limit of 16 GB RAM, and the radical USB type-c (thunderbolt-3) ports.

However, even the OLED touch bar would make some people upset, because they can’t accept a keyword with the “esc” key on an OLED screen. They need to touch it instead of press it.

In this case, you will need an external keyboard, so I collected some keyboard which worth considering.

Notice: Some wireless keyboards are not blue tooth style, you need to plug areceiver to MacBook Pro. In this situation, you may need a USB type-C adapter to use some external keyboards. Here are the most recommended USB type-C/thunderbolt 3 adapters.

JOYACCESS Full-size Wireless Keyboards and Mouse

JOYACCESS Wireless Keyboards Combo Full-size Whisper-quiet Wireless Keyboards and Mouse in Ergonomic Design

With JOYACCESS a keyboard with all Mac function keys that get the full spectrum of use from your Mac. However, that’s not all as it is fully compatible with any Mac and includes a wireless mouse as well.

One keyboard that works with any of the Mac computers out there. This keyboard is the standard 103 keys as well as a numeric keypad. Perfect for a writer or accountant to use and your hands wouldn’t feel the strain as it is ergonomically designed.

So, now if you want a budget friendly keyboard that works in both business and writing worlds with equal finesse and style. The JOYACCESS is the one.

Logitech Bluetooth K811 Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone

This keyboard is unique as it with a press of a button you can type on you Mac one moment, your iPad the next, and later switch again to your iPhone as well. The keys are backlit to a level that is eye-friendly, as it adjusts to the ambient light around you.

The K811 charges itself from a small USB cable. The K811 is a slim-line wireless keyboard that switches through your Apple devices as fast as you can press a button.

Now this one keyboard that does it all with style and panache and all in an attractive Black and silver Aluminum housing.

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch K811 Keyboard for Mac, iPad, iPhone – Silver/Black (Personal Computers)

List Price:$88.33 USD
New From:$73.13 USD In Stock
Used from:$68.95 USD In Stock

Wireless Bluetooth iXCC Keyboard

[Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard] iXCC Ultra Compact Slim profile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple Mac Computers OS X v10.6.8 and Above - Black

iXCC has been making computer accessories for some time now. They have released to Amazon a wireless keyboard for you Mac that is in a slim-line housing that is light as a feather and yet has full-sized functionality.

You also get the Mac’s special keys and you can control everything via Bucktooth’s power to connect anyone with anything. This keyboard runs for 90 hours per charge and will work up to 30 feet away with ease. You get a Micro-USB cable for charging, the full number of Mac keys, and an aluminum shell to give it a long life. In addition, you get iXCC’s outstanding 2-Year warranty as well.

The iXCC has it all in one attractive and functional package waiting for you on Amazon.

Anker Ultra Compact Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


2/3s the size of your old keyboard and has a 6-month rechargeable battery. What’s even more exciting is that it runs with whatever your favorite computer is. Windows, Mac, and Android-based it is a little workhorse that is low profile, comfortable, and with its LiON battery you can use it anywhere and without worries.

You can now type with confidence with a keyboard that types almost forever and connects up magically thru its Bluetooth connect that always reconnect to the computer you were working on in a flash.

The Anker Ultra is an ergonomic keyboard designed for comfort, long-life battery, and a user-friendly sized set of keys all rolled up into one nifty package.

Apple Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth

Apple Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth - Silver (Certified Refurbished)

If you want a great wireless keyboard and you don’t have a lot of bread to spend. The solution is easy. Buy a certified refurbished keyboard. This one in question is just like brand new and is a compact Bluetooth enable keyboard as well.

Two AA batteries supply the power and it uses one less than its predecessor. You also get a keyboard that is almost 25% smaller than earlier full-sized keyboards as well.

It is also inclined at a comfortable and ergonomically friendly angle as well.

Apple Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth – Silver (Certified Refurbished) (Personal Computers)

List Price:$49.99 USD
New From:$49.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

Logitech Wireless Solar Desktop Keyboard K750

Logitech Wireless Solar Desktop Keyboard K750 for Mac - Silver

When you need a wireless keyboard and it has to be able to run without batteries. What do you do? Why, you go solar of course. That’s exactly what Logitech has done.

In fact, the K750 will run off any light source and gives you their famous Feel-Good Typing with keys that are concave in shape to facilitate your typing. This keyboard is one of the thinnest out there at only 1/3 of an inch in thickness.

All the keys are where you expect them to be and the Logitech receiver is inserted into you Mac that is also compatible with other wireless devices as well as just the keyboard.

Logitech Wireless Solar Desktop Keyboard K750 for Mac – Silver (Personal Computers)

List Price:$49.99 USD
New From:$47.99 USD In Stock
Used from:$47.99 USD In Stock


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