Kindle Stuck or Won’t Turn on Solutions

Kindle Stuck or Won't Turn on Solutions

Every digital device will meet such a problem: the device stuck or freeze at the tree image, sometimes it even won’t turn on. The Kindle is no exception.

As a digital device running customized linux-kernel system, Kindle would also meet this kind of problem. On the other hand, the Kindle’s hardware isn’t as good as other gadgets, and due to performance limitations, there’s a good chance of Kindle won’t react.

Generally speaking, you might meet these types of problems:

  • Kindle screen freezes or stuck, it doesn’t react to your operations
  • The Kindle had been put on shelf for too long, and it doesn’t turn on when it was taken out, nor did it respond to charging

We’ll look at a number of ways to address issues above.

Kindle stuck or freeze

kindle stuck

The universal method: Press the Kindle power button for 30 seconds, the green light will flash continuously, then slowly flash for one time, then amber light will flash continuously, finally the screen will light up. Then the Kindle goes back to the normal.

If the universal method doesn’t work, you may try the alternatives (notice, the following methods are NOT ordered list):

  • Press the Kindle power button for 30 seconds, then charge Kindle immediately
  • Press the Kindle power button for 5 seconds, release it, then press the power button for 30 seconds
  • Press the Kindle power button for 2 minutes
  • Charge the Kindle at first, then press the Kindle power button for 2 minutes
  • If you are using Kindle Touch, plug in the headphone jack 10 times or so, and it’s possible to fix it ( It’s weird, however, I saw it working for some people when I browse forums )

Kindle won’t turn on

kindle won't turn on

Before introducing the solutions, you need to know some facts about Kindle’s battery.

  • Kindle uses lithium battery
  • Lithium batteries won’t work normally if left in an inactive state for a long time
  • The optimal operating temperature of lithium battery is 0-40 degrees Celsius

Here are some typical solutions for Kindle won’t turn on:

  1. Charge Kindle with USB for at least 30 minutes, unplug the USB, and press Kindle’s power button for 30 seconds then release it. Notice, don’t press the power button when it’s charging.
  2. If connect Kindle to computer to charge doesn’t work, you can try charging Kindle on the wall-charger, because maybe the charging voltage of computer is too low to activate Kindle’s battery.
  3. Try charging Kindle with another USB cable.
  4. Put Kindle at a warm place to charge, as mentioned above, the optimal operating temperature of lithium battery is 0-40 degrees Celsius
  5. If the solutions above are all not working, maybe your battery is completely dead. If you don’t want to buy a new Kindle, you may try to replace the battery yourself, it’s not as difficult as you think. You can refer to this article
  6. The ultimate solution: you can try to contact Amazon Kindle’s customer support staff to ask for a fix, sometimes they may exchange a refurbished Kindle for you.

Kindle maintenance tips

  1. Don’t jailbreak Kindle, it may lead to instability of Kindle
  2. Don’t store too many books in Kindle
  3. Don’t store large size eBook file in Kindle, especially some large PDF files
  4. Don’t leave Kindle inactive for too long, or the battery may not work normally

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