Problems You May Meet After Updating Kindle Firmware and How to Solve Them

Recently, many people have reported a sudden problem with their Kindle screen. It’s quality issues or improper operation?

After careful understanding, I finally learned the truth: the Kindle screen problem is actually a misunderstanding.

When selecting text in a book, black vertical bars appear at both sides. If select more texts, the screen will respond slowly, and sometimes the screen would freeze for a while.

In fact, this is a new feature added by Amazon in the new firmware.

In early July 2019, Amazon pushed the firmware 5.12.1 for the mainstream models.

All Kindles upgraded to this version will have black bars on both sides of the line where the text is selected.

As for the screen response slowly,  and the screen sometimes freezes. It’s because the built-in dictionary and translation function will be called when text is selected.

After my test: after a few restarts, the screen freezes will gradually disappear.

So this is not a problem with the Kindle screen, or a system error. It’s because Amazon has brought new features to Kindle.

If you experience the same issues, please try restarting your device 3-5 times to solve them.

In general, Amazon will push new firmware to Kindle, and Kindle will perform a silent update within one to two weeks, of course, your Kindle should be connected to the internet.

If you can’t wait for the auto-update, you can also update your Kindle firmware manually.

If you want to know what new features are brought by Amazon, you can read this Amazon help page.

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