How to Install Plugins to Calibre

  1. Install Calibre, download here.
  2. Click “Preferences” in the top navigation bar.
  3. Click “Plugins”(in lower left corner).
  4. Click “Get new plugins” and search the plugin you want to install, then click “install”.
  5. If can’t find the plugin in Calibre’s plugins library, then you need to download the plugin file yourself. For example, DeDRM is a popular plugin while it is not listed in the plugins library, you need to download the plugin from some forums.
  6. When then plugin file (often a .zip file) is ready, back to the step 4 screen.
  7. Click “Load plugin from file”
  8. Choose the plugin .zip file and install it
  9. Restart Calibre (necessary for some plugins)

how to install plugins to calibre

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  • abrogard

    there’s no choice to load plugin from file in calibre 2.70. I guess we’ve got to find an old version…

    • Admin

      Just installed Calibre 2.70, the load plugin from file option is still there.

      • abrogard

        good to hear it. where? here’s a screenshot of the screen I get when I click on load plugins:
        calibre 64 bit for win10

        • Admin

          Follow step 2, 3, 7, ignore step 4-6.

          • abrogard

            Thank you, Sir. All because I slavishly kept doing it the same way – using that little side bar on the button. Nobody asked me to do that, did they? Just click the button, you said….

            Thanks for your trouble.


          • Admin

            So you found the correct place?

          • abrogard

            I did. And the plugin installed correctly, it said. So all should be fine. 🙂

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